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Jesslian Rosa Rosado
LIFE Changing Experience
Student: Doctor of Chiropractic
August 2020

Jesslian Rosa Rosado is from Puerto Rico. Her dad is a chiropractor, and her mom is a nurse, so she always wanted to study something related to science, medicine or helping people. At first, she thought she wanted to be a Pediatric Oncologist, but she ended up choosing Chiropractic.

In her free time, Rosado likes to connect with her friends since they spend a lot of their time studying and going to class; thus, time with her friends is precious to her. She also plays video games, walks around the Life University campus and works out.

Before she came to LIFE, she started her undergraduate in Biology and thought she wanted to become a doctor, though she didn’t know what kind of doctor at the time. She realized that if she was used to working with patients who have cancer, maybe she should become an Oncologist in order to help a lot of people.

“I’ve seen how my dad has been able to help a lot of people to get well and healthy,” Rosado said. “One of my friends told me I should check out Life University because their uncle studied there.” Rosado explained that her dad had studied at a different university, so she hadn’t heard of LIFE yet.

“I thought ‘sure I’ll check it out!’” she said. “But I did apply before coming to LIFE Leadership Weekend, and I received the acceptance letter and thought to myself, ‘well I guess I am going to see if I am going to stick to it or not.’” When Rosado came to LIFE Leadership Weekend she fell in love with the campus, the people and Vitalism as a whole. “It just felt like this was the right place for me,” she shared.

During her first quarter at LIFE, Rosado was pretty nervous because her main language is Spanish, and all the University’s curriculum is in English. “I wasn’t exposed to English as often as I would have liked so that made the first quarter pretty challenging at first,” she said. “But at the end, I had pretty good grades, which is something I haven’t had in a while in Puerto Rico. It was a life-changing thing for me.” Rosado reflected that she believed getting out of Puerto Rico and into a new environment allowed her to grow more, and she was really thankful for that.

“When I came to LIFE Leadership Weekend, the Student Ambassadors were a key thing for my decision to come here because seeing all of their stories and struggles, them still finding a way to be here and do what they love inspired me,” she shared. “They left a mark in me that made me want to be able to do that to other people.” Rosado became a Student Ambassador in order to work with prospective students and guests to give them the amazing experience that she had.

“As an Ambassador, some people might think you receive a lot, but I joined the Ambassadors in order to give. and I discovered that is the most important thing about Lasting Purpose –  that you always live to give,” she explained.

After graduation, Rosado says her dad wants her to come back to Puerto Rico and work with him at the clinic, but she is open to any opportunity that she might find along the way.

While Rosado has studied at LIFE, she has learned that everyone has their own path to walk. “I hope that everyone can enjoy the journey that they are on because that is going to shape them into the professional that they are going to become in the future.”






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