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Simple Pressure Point Exercises

Seeking to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle often means constructing an elaborate, personalized, metaphorical toolbox of tips, exercises and remedies to facilitate and maintain health in as natural a manner as possible. Chiropractic care is of course a major part of that, working with your DC to outline a tailored care plan for optimized health. Some chiropractors like to focus on pressure point therapy or trigger point therapy to promote relaxation, relieve tension and pain.

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Faces of LIFE: Paul Ketcham

Computer Information Technology Administration and Management Alumnus (’00), Business Systems and Communications Administrator “Fortifying Life University Through Intelligent Tech”   The Information Technology Department or I.T. might not be the flashiest or most visible part of a university’s success, yet a healthy I.T. department is…

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Appreciating Student Athlete Life while Preparing for a New World, with Nigel Hepburn- Podcast

Nigel Hepburn is a Life U Men’s Track and Field athlete and an B.A. in Environment and Sustainability student. He talks about how he enjoys the camaraderie he has built with this teammates, as well as traveling with the team (even as he misses the comforts of his cozy Life U dorm.) As a sprinter, he is used to moving fasting but in his life he is trying to slow down and enjoy where he is at before having to move on to the next phase.

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Appetite Loss and Nutrition Tips to Get You Through

Have you ever gone through a period in your life where food quite literally turns your stomach? Just the sight of a juicy hamburger or the smell of a sweet cake can send you running for the hills. An occasional loss of appetite is normal and should pass with time, though of course it could be an indicator of a health issue to address.

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Faces of LIFE: Nidhi Ahuja, Ph.D.

Dr. Nidhi Ahuja grew up in Delhi, India’s capital city, where her parents continue to live. She came to the United States for her postdoctoral studies, conducting research at University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Ahuja has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s in biotechnology and a doctorate in biotechnology.

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Sports Media Madness, Wrestling and More with Devyn Gomez – Podcast

Devyn Gomez is a B.B.A student and Women’s Wrestler for Life University. She grew up as a a jack of all trades when it came to sports, trying her hand at gymnastics, dance and countless others. But wrestling quickly captured her heart. Now as this All-American looks to her career future, she has big dreams of working in sports media, perhaps even ESPN one day. She already has some good practice under her belt, conducting interviews with student athletes on behalf of Life U and shadowing our Sports Information Director.

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Celebrating 11 Years of Giving: Life University’s (Life U) Annual Scholarship Event, Scramble for LIFE

As Life U celebrates today the 11th anniversary of its annual scholarship event, the anticipation is high, and the excitement palpable. Over the past decade, this golf event has brought people together for some fun and friendly competition. Scramble for LIFE has become a cornerstone of our community, embodying our commitment to supporting the dreams and aspirations of students.

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Advancing Women in Chiropractic with Chrysanthi Rodriguez – Podcast

Underestimate women at your own peril. Women have been a major part of chiropractic history from its inception and the profession will only continue to reach its full potential with dedicated women as part of the equation. Chrysanthi Rodriguez is a D.C. student and President of the Women’s Chiropractic Club at Life University. She discusses why she felt called to form this group and the goals of the group.