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Coming to Chiropractic later in life, now supporting future chiropractors with Dr. Eric Clark – Podcast

Building a rapport early on in the D.C. program with key professors that can help shape and mold students into confident chiropractors is a gift that keeps on giving to the students and to the educators. Dr. Eric Clark is an Assistant Professor in the College of Chiropractic and he speaks about the students in his classes almost like a proud dad, eager to see his early quarter students progress and grow. He especially loves to see them at Clinic Gateway, receiving their clinic coats for the first time as they prepare to work in student clinics.

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Recipes for LIFE- Spicy Red Pepper Hummus

During this holiday season filled with parties and plenty of food, why not try a healthy and delicious recipe for your next occasion? This hummus recipe is not only tasty but versatile and can be served with anything from crispy bread bites, pita bread, vegetables or gluten-free crackers. Celebrate in style today!

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Dissecting the Anatomy of the Anatomage Lab with Dr. Eric Partin – Podcast

To know how to facilitate healing in the body, you must first know the ins and outs of how the body works. Dr. Eric Partin is an Associate Professor of Basic Sciences with Life U, specifically teaching Anatomy and Physiology. One major tool that Life University uses to familiarize students with all the parts of the human body and different interferences that can affect it is through Anatomage tables. Dr. Partin is kind enough in this podcast to pull back the curtain on some of the great features and learning tools available through this cutting edge technology.

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Eco-Friendly Holiday Activities and Practices

We at Life University sincerely hope that your holidays are merry, bright and full of joy. Yet, we encourage you to think critically about how you spend the winter holiday season, focusing on how to live out Lasting Purpose through sustainable means. Students familiar with our B.A. in Human Ecology program understand our commitment to seeking out mindful solutions to the 21st century’s pressing complex social and environmental problems in all aspects of life, including how we celebrate the holidays. In that jolly good spirit, let’s lay out some sustainable holiday tips for a holiday you can be proud of!

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Healing Food Insecurity on College Campuses

It seems strange to bring up food insecurity right before Thanksgiving, but the stark contrast between the haves and have nots makes this issue much more apparent. Food insecurity among college students is a major problem that often hides in the shadows or gets swept under the rug to maintain a shiny optimistic view of college life. And yet there is always hope, starting here within the Life University (Life U) community to do what we can to ensure the well-being and nourishment of body and mind for our students.

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Identifying best fitting walking or running shoes

Getting in a great and safe workout starts with your feet. Making sure you are wearing the best fitting footwear suited to your workout is vital. Everyone wants the trendiest and sexiest looking kicks, but just because something looks cool doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to give you the needed support.

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The Run Down: Sport Health Science and Spinal Cord Injury Specialty Interest, with Gustavo Duran – Podcast

Gustavo Duran is a fascinating individual who has taken his M.S. in Sport Health Science education at Life University and ran with it. He now works as an Associate Professor of Sport Health Science for Life U, teaching four classes currently for the program. He has a rather compelling career history, most notably his work with the Shepherd Center, addressing spinal cord injuries.

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Spotlight on NeuroLIFE Institute: Changing the Focus to Prevention from Intervention

A common issue that plagues many chiropractic patients is slips and falls. These seemingly innocent accidents can lead to extensive recovery times, injuries and even life-threatening consequences, especially in the elderly population. Today, we’ll delve into the innovative approach taken at Life University’s (Life U) NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI) to assess patients’ balance and coordination, help prevent injuries and improve overall well-being.

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Recipes for LIFE Series – Belgian Endive Salad

Life U is committed to healthy living, and as part of that commitment, we would love to share with our readers these tempting and healthy recipes in a periodic series. They have been created by our own Associate Professor of Nutrition Dr. Denise Pickett-Bernard. Recipe: Belgian Endive Salad

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Balancing Coaching Career Goals and Personal Well-Being, with Tommy Stucky – Podcast

If you have recently been actively engaged with Life University Athletics, chances are you are well acquainted with Tommy Stucky, Director of Student Athlete Performance. Stucky has coached comprehensive strength and conditioning to athletes of many levels and countless sports, constantly adapting strategies to support students to play, feel and perform their best. Stucky gets real about the challenges of making a career as an athletic coach and how he has sought to strike a balance.