Did you know that in the United States, 19% of bachelor’s degrees fall under the business field of study, according to the National Center for Education Statistics? It makes for a significant challenge to stand out amongst your peers in the wider job market. But fear not because you can improve your business literacy while on your daily commute or whenever you have a free moment by listening to targeted business podcasts. Here is a starter list of 11 great ones to give a try, in no particular order.

  1. The Pitch- If you are obsessed with all things Shark Tank and convinced that you can get Mark Cuban to invest seed money in a burgeoning entrepreneurial idea, then The Pitch is right up your alley. Gimlet Media has created a beloved podcast that allows a featured entrepreneur to pitch to top venture capitalists (VCs) in each episode. Listeners get a front row seat as they learn valuable lessons about business and the nature of venture capital. The pushing and prodding from the VCs as they delve deep into tough questions is fascinating, seeing how investors dig through the dirt and distractions to find a raw diamond they can polish into a 10X company, meaning a company can outperform industry standard by a degree of 10 or more.
  2. Mixergy Startup Stories- Mix it up with this podcast where startups are the stars. This long-running podcast is laser focused on business and entrepreneurship topics, interviewing countless entrepreneurs and start-up founders that explore the founding days of companies, growth and measurable success metrics.
  3. Tech for Non-Techies Podcast- Sustainable business and at least a baseline tech savvy are becoming increasingly intertwined, so business students that need digestible tech information to expand their business skills can turn to this podcast. Host Sophia Matveeva is an MBA grad from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, working to bridge the gap that many less technically focused professionals deal with in the digital world. Her podcast features high-profile CEOs and expert interviews, as well as cases studies of successful tech companies.
  4. Sweaty Startup If you are tired of all the flash and want to learn about real people and real businesses that aren’t necessarily the shiniest new toy in the toy box, then check out Sweaty Startup. Small businesses are the foundation of so many necessary products and services, such as pest control, product management, landscaping and more. It might not be the “in thing,” but it is honest, valuable work.
  5. How I Built This- Any National Public Radio (NPR) fans here? NPR’s well-known podcasts follows entrepreneurial and business achievements in long-form interviews with founders. Get the inside scoop on the humble start of many household names, like Crate & Barrel, Southwest Airlines and Panera Bread. 
  6. The BizChix Podcast- Boss ladies unite! This podcast specifically caters to female entrepreneurs, led by Natalie Echdahl, an MBA alumna and coach to high-powered women. BizChix is full of sage advice for female entrepreneurs on many valuable skills. Main topics of conversation include non-profit work, relationship building in marketing, LinkedIn tips and more. Learn from women who have built successful businesses and how you can apply it to your own future plans. 
  7. Recode Decode- For the tech-savvy business student, Recode is a must-add to your playlist Spotify lineup. Renowned tech journalist Kara Swisher lays out the newest big business trends concerning top tech giants, such as Apple, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft and the like. CEOs, business consultants, futurists and business thinkers of all kinds make a point to join Swisher on this podcast.
  8. Managing the Future of Work- Produced by two professors from the respected Harvard Business School, this podcast keeps listeners up to date on cutting-edge, developing business topics such as AI and the Gig Economy. The podcast airs two-to-three times per month, with hosts Bill Kerr and Joe Fuller interviewing innovators at the forefront of workplace advancements.
  9. The $100 MBA Show- The overall premise of this cheeky podcast is to provide you with actionable skills to launch a business without requiring the actual attainment of an MBA. Obviously, that is a bit of an exaggerated claim, but the podcast does serve as an excellent primer for beefing up your business knowledge.
  10. TED Business- For those that love TED Talks, it’s worth it to tune into this podcast reserved for motivating stories from the business realm. The thought-provoking discussion will inspire and stir you, reminding you of your passion for the field.
  11. Tropical MBA podcast This podcast gets updated weekly, sometimes even twice a week, so there is always something new to explore with a catalogue of over 700 episodes ranging in topic from hiring staff, entrepreneurship and how to create memorable presentations. Cutting-edge tech and trending topics are also covered regularly.

And because I like you, here is a bonus suggestion. Check out Life University’s Living Life at Life U podcast, which offers dynamic content, mind-blowing conversations and new ways for the Life U community to connect with the University. Our host, Dr. Véronica Garcia-Chaparro, is a proud alumna of the Life U D.C. program as well as a practicing chiropractor and faculty clinician. The podcast showcases all the latest developments at Life U, from academics, business, chiropractic education to athletics and so much more.