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Appetite Loss and Nutrition Tips to Get You Through

Have you ever gone through a period in your life where food quite literally turns your stomach? Just the sight of a juicy hamburger or the smell of a sweet cake can send you running for the hills. An occasional loss of appetite is normal and should pass with time, though of course it could be an indicator of a health issue to address.

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Recipes for LIFE: Honey Ginger Glazed Chicken

Today we are focusing on a healthy chicken protein dish. This recipe can be made indoors on the stove or outdoors on the grill while enjoying the beautiful springtime. It’s the perfect, easy midweek dinner option. Pair it with a Belgian Endive Salad for a complete meal.

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Faces of LIFE: Cathy Tillery

Cathy Tillery is the Campus Dietitian and an Assistant Professor at Life University (Life U) in the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies (CGUS). Tillery’s work is very broad because it is her job covers everyone on campus from a dietitian standpoint.  Her role is to look through her dietitian lens and wear her nutrition educational hat.

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Recipes for LIFE series: Strawberry- Ricotta Bruschetta

Looking for a sensational appetizer to share with friends and family this weekend?  Look no further than this decadent Strawberry-Ricotta Bruschetta. This recipe combines the sweet taste of fresh strawberries with the indulgent texture of ricotta cheese. Add on some pomegranate seeds and the savory taste of the balsamic reduction, and you have a healthy and tasty appetizer, and everyone will be demanding this recipe!

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Observing Nutritional Health through a Clinical Lens, with Alma Ayala Diaz – Podcast

You may have heard the moniker ‘Food is Medicine’, but what does that really look like? How can we take a nutrient-rich diet and use it to fuel good health? Alma Ayala Diaz is one of our enterprising M.S in Clinical Nutrition students who already has a fair amount of experience working in the field of nutrition. She is also President of the Food and Nutrition Club at Life University. She and our host Dr. Veronica Garcia-Chapparo discuss what steps have to be taken to pursue an education and career in Clinical Nutrition.

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In the Know- 6 Fun Nutrition Podcasts to Try

Whether you are a diligent Life University (Life U) student supplementing a rigorous nutrition or dietetics education in the classroom or simply wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle, there is so much information offered through informed podcasts on nutrition. Let’s introduce a few options that you might like to listen to on your commute or when you have some downtime.