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Faces of LIFE: Matteo Olivotto

“To prospective students, I urge you to seize every opportunity, step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. Life University offers a nurturing environment where you can forge strong bonds and achieve your goals. Whether you are pursuing a business major, the D.C. program or exercise science, success is within your reach if you are willing to take risks and persevere,” shared Olivotto.

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Psychology, Chiropractic and Student Ambassadors with Dr. Lisa Rubin – Podcast

You don’t have to be a chiropractor to be a champion for Chiropractic. Dr. Lisa Rubin has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and she is a licensed clinical psychologist and professional counselor who has worked in a variety of clinic settings. Dr. Rubin joined the Life U family in 2001 along with her husband Dr. Drew Rubin. Dr. Lisa Rubin is an adjunct faculty member in the College of Chiropractic who teaches Psychology to future chiropractors, among other things.

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Revamping Physiological Therapeutics and Sport Health Science, with Karen Pfeifer – Podcast

Karen Pfeifer has worked in a number of sports related careers, as a athletic trainer, an administrator and as an educator at different and overlapping points. She currently teaches Physiological Therapeutics courses in the Master of Sport Health Science and Doctor of Chiropractic programs. Our Sports Health Science department is currently examining the best possible ways to get students career ready in the future, which could lead to some exciting changes.

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Faces of LIFE: Michaela Ephraim

Michaela Ephraim grew up in a small town in Washington as a twin sister with an additional younger sister and two older brothers. Most of her family works in education in some way, so she followed suit in her own way by coaching. Track and field is also a big part of her story as she has developed as an athlete and a person over the course of her athletic trajectory.

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Let’s Get Functional: Functional Neurology, Peer Tutoring and more with Chandler Willey – Podcast

The brain is a funny thing, an organ that we will never fully grasp but the more we that we learn, the better we can help it to function most effectively. Chandler Willey is a D.C. student planning to become a Functional Neurology chiropractor, often shadowing at the NeuroLIFE Institute to gain a fuller picture of how the brain and the body communicate. Listen in as we learn more about this fascinating field.

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Young women leading an emerging Women’s Lacrosse program, with Annslee Warchol – Podcast

Lacrosse is a newer sport at Life University, only in its second season for the Life U Women’s Lacrosse team. It’s a gritty sport that demands drive and dedication from its players, qualities that Annslee Warchol has in spades. As an B.S. in Exercise Science student on the cusp of graduation, she faces her future head on with a smile on her face and a lacrosse stick clasped firmly in both hands.

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Faces of LIFE: Paul Ketcham

Computer Information Technology Administration and Management Alumnus (’00), Business Systems and Communications Administrator “Fortifying Life University Through Intelligent Tech”   The Information Technology Department or I.T. might not be the flashiest or most visible part of a university’s success, yet a healthy I.T. department is…

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Appreciating Student Athlete Life while Preparing for a New World, with Nigel Hepburn- Podcast

Nigel Hepburn is a Life U Men’s Track and Field athlete and an B.A. in Environment and Sustainability student. He talks about how he enjoys the camaraderie he has built with this teammates, as well as traveling with the team (even as he misses the comforts of his cozy Life U dorm.) As a sprinter, he is used to moving fasting but in his life he is trying to slow down and enjoy where he is at before having to move on to the next phase.

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Appetite Loss and Nutrition Tips to Get You Through

Have you ever gone through a period in your life where food quite literally turns your stomach? Just the sight of a juicy hamburger or the smell of a sweet cake can send you running for the hills. An occasional loss of appetite is normal and should pass with time, though of course it could be an indicator of a health issue to address.