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Behind-the-scenes of Game Day and more, with Karey Peterson – Podcast

On any given day, Life University hosts so many sporting events and other essential gatherings that it truly seems like a miracle that generally everything runs smoothly and people land where they need to be. Meet Karey Peterson, Assistant Athletic Director of External Operations. He is the man behind the curtain ensuring smooth game days and facilities management. Explore an athletics career path that you might not have thought about before.

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Maintaining Chiropractic Health for Student Athletes with Dr. Robert Dubuque- Podcast

It’s always a treat for our host Dr. Veronica Garcia- Chapparo to get to have an in-depth chat with a former D.C. classmate and now Life U colleague. Dr. Robert Dubuque is Life U’s Director of Chiropractic Sports Performance and a Faculty Clinician. Caring for the chiropractic needs of our student-athletes at home and on the road is a daunting prospect to say the least. Dr. Dubuque discusses how he manages the many curveballs thrown his way.

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The Athletics Department Team That Bolsters All Sports Teams, With Alaina Smith Walker – Podcast

Sports is a pathway to success, not an end unto itself. Assistant Director for Internal Operations Alaina Smith Walker oversees eligibility and compliance for our Athletics department, as well getting students to step up their game on a social and academic level with the Student Athlete Association and the More Than An Athlete program. The ultimate goal is to prepare students for Life after Life U, how they can take the principles from the court, field and classroom to empower their best lives.

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Balancing Coaching Career Goals and Personal Well-Being, with Tommy Stucky – Podcast

If you have recently been actively engaged with Life University Athletics, chances are you are well acquainted with Tommy Stucky, Director of Student Athlete Performance. Stucky has coached comprehensive strength and conditioning to athletes of many levels and countless sports, constantly adapting strategies to support students to play, feel and perform their best. Stucky gets real about the challenges of making a career as an athletic coach and how he has sought to strike a balance.