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Recipes for LIFE series: Strawberry- Ricotta Bruschetta

Looking for a sensational appetizer to share with friends and family this weekend?  Look no further than this decadent Strawberry-Ricotta Bruschetta. This recipe combines the sweet taste of fresh strawberries with the indulgent texture of ricotta cheese. Add on some pomegranate seeds and the savory taste of the balsamic reduction, and you have a healthy and tasty appetizer, and everyone will be demanding this recipe!

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Recipes for LIFE Series: Golden Beet Salad

Hey there, we’re diving into a refreshing and lively salad today, soaking in all those spring vibes. It’s not just a salad—it’s a showstopper perfect for sharing with your favorite people or treating yourself to a bit of soul-soothing, indulgent self-care.

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Recipes for LIFE- Spicy Red Pepper Hummus

During this holiday season filled with parties and plenty of food, why not try a healthy and delicious recipe for your next occasion? This hummus recipe is not only tasty but versatile and can be served with anything from crispy bread bites, pita bread, vegetables or gluten-free crackers. Celebrate in style today!

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Healing Food Insecurity on College Campuses

It seems strange to bring up food insecurity right before Thanksgiving, but the stark contrast between the haves and have nots makes this issue much more apparent. Food insecurity among college students is a major problem that often hides in the shadows or gets swept under the rug to maintain a shiny optimistic view of college life. And yet there is always hope, starting here within the Life University (Life U) community to do what we can to ensure the well-being and nourishment of body and mind for our students.

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Don’t be Salty: How to Cut Back on Sodium

Sodium (salt) is a delicious and sneaky mineral that is fine in moderation, but like many good things in life, too much of it can spell trouble for your health and nutrition. It can be really easy to consume excessive amounts of salt if you don’t pay attention to what you are eating, especially if you habitually buy processed foods or hit up the drive-thru. Let’s take control with some healthy habits for reduced salt intake.