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Researching the Art of the Adjustment with Dr. Brent Russell – Podcast

Dr. Brent Russell is something of an institution here at Life University, first as an alumnus, then as a Faculty Clinician and now as a Research Professor that wears many hats for the Research Department. He leads the team that conducts research on “The Art of the Adjustment”, with the overarching goal of contributing to a breadth of research knowledge on what is exactly going on during an adjustment, how much force is involved and the potential benefits etc. The Palpation and Adjustment Trainer (PAT) became a big piece of that equation during the Covid 19 pandemic and beyond, and continues to be a tool with immense research and student practice capabilities.

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Sleep Hygiene with Dr. Dom Fetterly, Director of the NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI)

“Sleep hygiene is how well you take care of your sleep routine. With that, how well do we take care of our brains so they can sleep and recover well so that they can heal better? Often the cases and the folks we see here at NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI) – they’re in a position where optimal healing needs to come from any avenue that we can find. Sleep is often a controllable factor and often worthwhile endeavor to explore with patients,” explained Dr. Dom Fetterly, Director of NLI.

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Spotlight on NeuroLIFE Institute: Changing the Focus to Prevention from Intervention

A common issue that plagues many chiropractic patients is slips and falls. These seemingly innocent accidents can lead to extensive recovery times, injuries and even life-threatening consequences, especially in the elderly population. Today, we’ll delve into the innovative approach taken at Life University’s (Life U) NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI) to assess patients’ balance and coordination, help prevent injuries and improve overall well-being.

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The Relationship Between Depression, Healthy Lifestyle & Social Media

A study was recently published surrounding the relationship between depression, healthy lifestyle behaviors and internet addiction in a university-aged student population. Titled “The relationship between depression, healthy lifestyle behaviors and internet addiction: a cross-sectional study of the athlete university students in Turkey”, this compelling study conducted by Frontiers in Psychology demonstrates interesting parallels related to athletic participation, depression and internet overuse.

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Research Series- Harnessing Data for Knowledge of Pregnancy Outcomes with Lauren Bruss – Podcast

Pregnancy can be a tumultuous and anxiety-ridden time for mothers-to-be. Can chiropractic make that process any easier and even possibly positively affect birth outcomes? That is the question that Lauren Bruss, D.C. student and RISE scholar, seeks to explore in her research project through Life University. This special research series is co-hosted by Erin Gilligan, Project Coordinator of Research & Scholarly Activity.