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Get with the Programming! Defining Computer Information Systems & Technology with Sailaja Pydimarri – Podcast

The exciting world of Computer Information Systems & Technology is constantly changing, so let’s try to clear the path a bit. Sailaja Pydimarri is an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems for Life University, as well as an accomplished software developer, web designer, database designer and data analyst. She is Sigma Beta Delta Chapter Officer at the University. Pydimarri discusses the growing demand in stem careers, as well as what it looks like as a woman in an often male-dominated landscape.

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Finding Purpose and Positivity in Business and at Life U, with Dr. Paula Billups-Podcast

The paths that business students take are rarely linear and clear cut. There are important questions that students need to answer for themselves about the kind of people that they want to be professionally and personally. Paula Billups, Assistant Professor of Business, opens up about how Life U’s business classes and programs give students to space to explore their potential and their preferred career trajectories.

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Forging your own business journey, with Dr. Marie Powell -Podcast

Career journeys can take many winding roads to take the direction that best suits the person taking it. Just ask Dr. Marie Powell, Assistant Professor of Business her at Life University. She has a fascinating and varied professional career that makes her uniquely qualified to give students insight on many kinds of potential pathways and how to gauge what works best for them.

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Possible Career Paths for Business-Related Majors at Life U

Career exploration is an important part of personal and professional growth. For students who are enrolled in business-related majors here at Life University (Life U), here is a helpful starter guide to get you thinking about possible career paths. For more assistance with career exploration, please contact Life U Career Services.