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My 1st Quarter

My 1st Quarter – Danielle Albright

Be open. Make sure you’re diverse. We do have an [unspoken] rule where if you see somebody on campus to say, “Hi,” to get used to talking to people you don’t know. Enjoy it; have fun. That’s all it is really about—having fun and making connections and to do what you have to do in the classroom. And if you are in a sport, do what you have to do in the sport and in the classroom as well.


Faces of LIFE- Stan Vandierendonck

For a student-athlete, time management is critical in achieving personal, academic and athletic goals. Stan Vandierendonck, mid-fielder and captain for the Life U Men’s Soccer team, understands the delicate tightrope he must walk and appears confident to take on any challenges that life throws at him.

Shani Tyson
My 1st Quarter

My 1st Quarter – Shani Tyson

Everything was new. I’m originally from California, so coming all the way to Georgia, I was able to see a lot more green than before in my hometown. Just getting familiar with the area, it was pretty adventurous just to get to explore everything in Marietta and what Life U had to offer.

My 1st Quarter

My 1st Quarter – Tunahan Olcay

I’m a transfer student from Turkey. I studied for three years over there. When I started [at Life U] about three years ago, I found all my professors very helpful. For a transfer student, that is important because you are coming to a totally new environment, meeting with new people.

Faces of LIFE

Aysia Cortez

Aysia Cortez is in her final quarter at Life University, on track to graduate in June with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She plans to put her degree to use in the future, but first, Cortez is pursuing a career as an MMA fighter.

Faces of LIFE

Anthony Maxwell

“I loved my time at LIFE as a student, and it’s even more special as a staff member,” says Maxwell. LIFE is home for me! It feels as if I’m working in the ‘family business’ every day.”


Dr. Marla Thompson to Speak at Lily Conference

Dr. Marla Thompson, Adjunct Professor of Business at Life University, was recently invited to speak at the Lily Conference for Teaching & Learning in Austin, Texas on January 9-11, 2020. The mission of the Lilly Conferences is to provide a forum to share and model a scholarly…