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Life University’s educational and clinical philosophy is based on Vitalism—our recognition that the Universe itself is self-conscious, and as such, creates itself as a dynamic system wherein living organisms are self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing.

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Trivia – What is a Running Eagle?

In ways great and small, the identity of any given university is guided through history by the mascot with which they are associated. Some schools go fierce: Columbia Lions, Clemson Tigers and Baylor Golden Bears—oh my! Some schools go regional, such as the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Florida Gators (double dipping in ferocity as well) and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. So, when I first heard about Life University, I wondered what their mascot was. After I heard it was the Running Eagles, I have to be honest that I still wondered what their mascot was.

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Faces of LIFE – Alpheus Thornton

Alpheus Thornton is a first quarter student from Independence, Oregon, who is studying to become a Doctor of Chiropractic at Life University.

“Both my parents are chiropractors, so I got to grow up around the chiropractic atmosphere and see health from that different perspective,” he shared. “That definitely influenced where I am today.”

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#TBT – Dr. Joe Lupo On The Importance of Student Recruitment Events – (2017)

“Without Life University, Chiropractic would morph into medicine. I go back with Life U all the way back to 1975 when it was a brand-new school. When I arrived, it was only six-months- old with a total of 100 students. I had the opportunity to watch the school grow. We were here to change the world when Chiropractic was in dire straits after B.J. Palmer died in 1961 and lost its leadership. Continuing to expand the reach of Chiropractic is why student recruitment events are so important.”

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Faces of LIFE, FACES of LIFE FRIDAY, Slice of LIFE

Faces of LIFE – Erin Higgins

Erin Higgins was born and raised in Colorado and is currently pursuing the M.S. in Positive Psychology Coaching Track. “I went to grad school to become a counselor because I’m passionate about helping people and working in mental health,” Higgins explained. “But the program ended up not being a good fit for me, so I dropped it and took months looking for the right fit.”