Fol Claude M.

Claude Maysonet
In the Same Ship
Student: Doctor of Chiropractic
December 2020

Claude Alexander Maysonet is from Puerto Rico and started studying for his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University in Fall 2019. He received the Alumni Association Scholarship in June 2020 and is excited to invest his research back into the LIFE community.

Maysonet’s passion for learning and giving back has been evident throughout his life, including as a Boy Scout and then an Eagle Scout. He also has family members that studied at LIFE, so he’s known about the University since he was two years old and has always received chiropractic adjustments.

Maysonet studied molecular and cellular biology for his undergraduate degree at the University of Puerto Rico on the Rio Piedras campus. When he graduated from his undergraduate program, he felt he had to choose between medicine and Chiropractic. He was considering either a degree in Radiology or going to LIFE, and had seen the benefits of chiropractic care firsthand. “I’ve seen people who couldn’t walk be able to walk again,” he says.

“I love to talk to people and have the patient interaction. With radiology you’d get a referral, do the X-ray and then refer the patient back out.” Maysonet realized that for him, Chiropractic was a no brainer because he wants to have that direct relationship with his patients in order to actively change their lives.

“At the University of Puerto Rico, the different colleges are fighting with each other and don’t interact with each other,” he says. In contrast, “the philosophy of Life University promotes an environment of inclusion.”

Maysonet also points out that LIFE’s core value of Lasting Purpose creates a serene environment. “Everyone is basically in the same ship to go out and help the world,” he explains, adding that the University’s sense of community has helped him to thrive.

After he graduates from LIFE, Maysonet wants to work as an associate chiropractor and eventually form his own clinic. “I’d like to apply whatever advancements we find through my research to my future practice. There is a different approach, and it is research-based,” he says. “I will most likely practice in the state of Georgia or go down to Florida because of the amount of Latino people that are there, because I am uniquely positioned to help that population.”

Maysonet is also learning American Sign Language so that he will be able to serve the deaf community as well. In Puerto Rico, ASL is taught in both Spanish and English, so he’s constantly translating between the two in his head.

His advice to anyone contemplating joining the LIFE community is to consider all your options, but to know that the type of environment you get at LIFE is unique compared to other schools. “It is an inspiring, close-knit community,” Maysonet says. “It’s the best experience you could have at a chiropractic school.”





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