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M1q Tunahan Olcay
My 1st Quarter, Slice of LIFE

My 1st Quarter – Tunahan Olcay

I’m a transfer student from Turkey. I studied for three years over there. When I started [at Life U] about three years ago, I found all my professors very helpful. For a transfer student, that is important because you are coming to a totally new environment, meeting with new people.

Slice Learn From Failure Jan24
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Learning From Failure

Failure of any kind can be hard to swallow. Getting overlooked for a new job can make you question your own skills; getting turned down for a date can make you insecure; even losing a video game online to a complete stranger has been known to make people throw their controller at the TV.

Slice Mlk 2022
Black History Month, Slice of LIFE

MLK Jr. Day

On January 15, 1929, a legend was born in this very special place – Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King Jr. came into the world that day and has made a lasting impact on society. King held a strong belief that all men are created equal and should enjoy the same rights and privileges.

Fol Dr Jo Lobertini
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Faces of LIFE- Dr. Jo Lobertini

Dr. Jo Lobertini is the Associate Dean of Online Education at Life University (Life U). She is a fresh face to the Life U community, having just come on board about five months ago. However, Dr. Lobertini already feels welcomed by staff and students at Life U and since the very beginning has felt that Life U is “her people.”

Slice Audiobook Jan12
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A Quick Plea for Audiobooks

Before getting to our topic for today, let me ask you a simple question. Does the idea of someone reading you a story appeal to you? Simply put, today’s topic is that audiobooks are a great hobby to get into and people’s lives are a little brighter when they are both learning and engaged in a story.

Slice New Years Resolutions Jan10
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New Years Resolutions

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? As a followup question, do you actually remember what your resolution was last year? While following through on or even just making a New Year’s resolution isn’t by any means necessary, it is a nice little practice to try to harness the momentum of the calendar turning over and to use that power to shape ourselves into healthier and happier people.

Slice Mon Dec 13
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The Reality of Recycling

When thinking about our environment, does the phrase “the 3 R’s” ring a bell? Reduce, reuse and recycle. We all know that recycling is incredibly important. However, the most efficient way to reduce waste is to simply not create it in the first place. This is where the first two “R’s” come into play.

Slice Home Dec15

Appreciating Home with Pablo Neruda

While this space often talks about wellness in terms of healthy hearts and active muscles, today we are thinking about wellness regarding the relationship between ourselves and our environment. Many college students over the next few weeks will go through individual versions of the same experience.

Slice of LIFE - 303-3
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Whether you know it or not, the numbers above will become legendary at Life University. On December 5, the Running Eagles took 1st place in the first ever National Collegiate Rugby Division 1 Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee by winning all four of their knockout-round games.