Adjunct Faculty in the Chiropractic Sciences Department; D.C. Alumna

“Better Equipping the Chiropractors of the Future”

Shannon Good, B.S., D.C., CACCP is an Adjunct Faculty member in the Chiropractic Sciences Department at Life University. Dr. Good is the oldest of two children. She and her younger brother are from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where her parents and brother still live today. Dr. Good first became interested in Chiropractic when she was competing in gymnastics and under chiropractic care. Receiving this care led her to become a chiropractor.

“I asked my chiropractor how I could become a chiropractor and where I should go to school,” said Dr. Good. “My chiropractor said that the only place to go to school was Life University.  I moved to Life U in 2007, and there I met my husband who played rugby for Life U. At the time, he was studying business, but then he too decided to become a chiropractor.”

Dr. Good graduated from the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Life U in 2011 and went into private practice with her husband Kris Headlee and her best friend Kristin Stele in Marietta, Georgia. She began working as an adjunct faculty at Life U in 2017. Teaching was something Dr. Good was always drawn to.

“I wanted to help and serve, and that is why I became an adjunct professor to help the next generation. This year I will become a full-time faculty member at Life U.  I love practicing part time and absolutely love the opportunity to help the students and do what I am called to do.”

Dr. Good currently teaches Technique, Documentation and Coding to 12th quarter students and is a first quarter personal development teacher. She also helps educate chiropractic students on the importance of a chiropractor’s role in post-partum care, pediatric care and prenatal care. Dr. Good’s passion is to give care to her patients and to offer her students educational knowledge and excitement. She wants her students to eventually serve their communities in the best possible way.

“My focus in my practice is to recognize that need of care for moms from prenatal to postpartum care. I always wanted to be best pediatric chiropractor I could be, but after seven years in practice, I realized that there was more that we could do to support mothers and more we could do to help support families. The best way to do that is to empower and educate these chiropractors graduating and teach them to take care of their families even better than before. We see the fruits of our labor in these graduating students and how important chiropractic care is. Communities are being changed because of students that are graduating.”

Dr. Good is involved in campus life as an advisor for a couple of clubs, including the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and MaxLiving. She taught a 2020 Fall CElebration/LIFE Vision Extravaganza class and was a speaker at the January 2022 LIFE Leadership Weekend (LLW) event. She has also been a PEAK doctor for the past seven years.

Life U is special to Dr. Good because this community holds space for everyone with the vast variety of clubs, groups and connections that are not found at other institutions. She shares this information with her first quarter students during their first five weeks on campus so that they can set themselves up on the right foot.

“I want them to be energized and know exactly what they are getting into. Life University allows students to find their own passion and connections. Students can explore, and there is room for everybody. Everyone fits in here. I want them to find their value and true sense of space and […] what sets their soul on fire.”

Dr. Good also wants to remind all of us that we are here for a reason and not by accident.  “Each of us is an asset and impacts this generation. We are all there for a reason, and no one is insignificant. You are there to meet someone, and they are there to meet you. We are there because we have a sacred trust, so guard the principle well to help the next generation.



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