Going green and living a sustainable life is a common concept we hear many people talking about, but what does that look like on a practical level? That is what Green LIFE at Life U hopes to explore. According to their mission statement on the Engage site, “the Green LIFE club aspires to encourage students to approach environment-related problems through a scope of hopefulness while fostering a positive impact atmosphere. Green LIFE will equip students with the knowledge, confidence and capability to make small, but impactful changes to their everyday lives that utilize sustainable and resilient methods of living, while also providing a new perspective for basic survival.”

Green LIFE is a new organization of students committed to promoting greener practices on campus. Green LIFE President and Co-Founder Destinee Rivera is a double major, B.S in Biology and B.S in Human Ecology, with a talent for utilizing classroom knowledge to create tangible small changes to decrease the University’s environmental footprint.

“Green LIFE Club is important because it acts as an avenue to introduce everyday people to the idea of self-sustainability and urban resilience,” said Rivera. “In the Green LIFE club, we strive to give people the chance to learn how they can become more food-independent (e.g., growing and raising your own food); becoming more confident in nature and nature-based skills; and exploring some of the urban solutions cities across the world are developing to deal with the everyday effects of climate change.”

Green LIFE Co-Secretary and Co-Founder Kaitlin Ivey enjoys “being around like-minded people who also care about nature and living a more sustainable lifestyle.”

“The importance of the club is getting those on campus more aware of the beautiful nature we have here and more acquainted with a sustainable way of living,” continued Ivey.

When asked about her favorite club activities, Green LIFE Co-Secretary and Co-Founder Jazmyne Hambrick had a colorful response.

“My favorite club activities would have to be the days when we go into the garden. It’s so much fun (and dirty!) Also, I include the media workshop for people like me who are interested in the media and communications section of human ecology,” said Hambrick.

Green LIFE recently hosted a series of Earth Week activities leading up to Earth Day (April 22, 2022), including a garden day, privet pull, campus cleanup and a relaxing hike. Students interested in learning more about Green LIFE should contact leadership through the Engage site’s listed contact info, as well as stay tuned on campus for upcoming event notifications.

“I see the club becoming a partner with the school and providing alternative solutions to any unintentional destructive activities. We hope to be able to increase the biodiversity found at Life U, while also helping the school become a trailblazer for more green and ‘eco-vative’ infrastructure upgrades. We also hope to be able to partner with different degree programs around the school to work in curriculum that combines these upgrades with that program’s course requirements,” said Rivera.


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