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Eco-Friendly Holiday Activities and Practices

We at Life University sincerely hope that your holidays are merry, bright and full of joy. Yet, we encourage you to think critically about how you spend the winter holiday season, focusing on how to live out Lasting Purpose through sustainable means. Students familiar with our B.A. in Human Ecology program understand our commitment to seeking out mindful solutions to the 21st century’s pressing complex social and environmental problems in all aspects of life, including how we celebrate the holidays. In that jolly good spirit, let’s lay out some sustainable holiday tips for a holiday you can be proud of!

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Going Green on Halloween? How to be Eco-Conscious with Holiday Decorating

Here at Life University (Life U), we are all about positive impact and how to leave the world better than we found it. We even have an amazing B.A. in Human Ecology program focused entirely on studying an awareness and advocacy around the 21st century’s pressing complex social and environmental problems. This effects even how we might approach fun and seemingly frivolous activities, such as Halloween.

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Butterfly Research Project

Jazmyn Hambrick, who recently graduated with a Human Ecology degree wants to let people know that butterflies are not only pretty, but they are also vital to our future. Restoring these lovely creatures back into the environment is not about cosmetics and beauty, but they serve an important purpose in sustaining our environment. Butterflies help us sustain our food supply, as well as other plants.

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Thrifting: Kinder to the Planet and Your Wallet

Life University (Life U) is committed to a more sustainable future. This is perhaps most evident in our Human Ecology program, which explores how human behavior impacts the larger environment. To that end, we love to share simple and easy ways that our Life U community can make a positive impact on Mother Earth. There is one everyday lifestyle choice that has substantial environmental implications: fashion.