Life University and the Sierra Club Centennial Group: A Green Partnership

Life University (Life U) takes immense pride in our collaboration with the Sierra Club Centennial Group. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to environmental stewardship and community involvement, nurturing a culture of active citizenship among our students. Recently, the Sierra Club Centennial Group was honored with the Adopt-A-Stream Award from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at the Rivers Alive Awards Luncheon, a testament to the impactful work we are doing together.

The Sierra Club Centennial Group: Who They Are

The Sierra Club is a nationwide environmental organization with a mission to explore, enjoy and protect the planet. Our local chapter, the Centennial Group, represents Cobb, North Fulton and Cherokee counties. This group meets monthly on our campus, fostering a strong connection between Life U and community-based environmental activism.

Monthly Meetings and Educational Programs

The Centennial Group gathers on the first Thursday of every month in CGUS 119 at 7:00 p.m. These meetings are not just administrative; they are educational events featuring expert guest speakers. For example, in April, we hosted a discussion on the benefits of plant-based eating, and in May, we welcomed the East Cobb Parks Coalition to talk about park improvements. These sessions provide valuable learning opportunities for our students and community members alike, emphasizing the importance of environmental education and activism.

Rottenwood Creek Cleanup: An Annual Tradition

Every fall, Life U and the Sierra Club Centennial Club organize the Rottenwood Creek Cleanup. Scheduled after Life Vision Extravaganza to ensure maximum student participation, this event is more than just a cleanup; it’s a comprehensive environmental initiative. Our students, alongside Sierra Club members, participate in this significant activity, which includes not only removing trash but also documenting the types and quantities of waste collected.

Adopt-A-Stream and Rivers Alive: Data-Driven Environmentalism

Our collaboration with Adopt-A-Stream and Rivers Alive integrates scientific data collection into our cleanup efforts. One of our dedicated Sierra Club members, Ina Allison, leads the data reporting process. Teams work in pairs, with one person collecting trash and the other documenting the findings. This data is crucial for identifying pollution sources and informing broader environmental strategies.

Adopt-A-Stream also offers training in chemical and biological monitoring, allowing our students to engage in citizen science. These skills empower them to contribute valuable data on water quality, biodiversity and more, fostering a hands-on learning experience that complements their academic studies.

Celebrating Our Achievements

This year, the Sierra Club Centennial Group received the Adopt-A-Stream Award, recognizing our collective efforts in environmental preservation. The Rivers Alive Awards Luncheon, held at the Park Tavern in Midtown, celebrated the contributions of organizations across Georgia dedicated to maintaining healthy waterways.

Get Involved

We encourage all Life U students interested in environmental issues to join us. Attending the Sierra Club Centennial group meetings is a great way to get started. It’s an opportunity to learn, engage with the community and make a tangible difference in our environment.

For more information about the Sierra Club Centennial group and their activities, visit the website for the Sierra Club. 

A Commitment to Environmental Excellence

At Life U, we strive to create agents of social change. Our partnership with the Sierra Club Centennial Group is a cornerstone of this mission, providing our students with the tools and experiences they need to become effective environmental advocates. Together, we are making a significant impact on our community and our planet.

Join us in our efforts and be a part of something bigger. Together, we can achieve a sustainable future.


For more information on Life University B.A. in Environment and Sustainability, please visit their homepage.