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Marietta, Georgia, January 14, 2019 – Online Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT) kicks off with two cohorts this Tuesday and Wednesday, January 15 & 16, 2019. The courses are still open for registration for anyone by visiting today. They are brought to you by Life University’s Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics (CCISE), as well as the Charter for Compassion.

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Marietta, Georgia, January 10, 2019 – Chase Zemenak from the Life University men’s wrestling team was named the NAIA Men’s Wrestler of the Week based on his performance from December 31 to January 6 the league office announced Wednesday afternoon, January 9. He is the second wrestler in program history to receive this honor.

Below are the results from his 4-0 efforts at the NWCA National Duals:

Faces of LIFE

Javier Del Hoyo

Like many others, Javier Del Hoyo’s initial experience with Chiropractic came from a traumatic experience. Del Hoyo was involved in a car accident at eight years old when he received care from a chiropractor for the first time. However, the next time he encountered chiropractic care in his late teens, with experience and understanding, he became convinced of the vast benefits it provided.

Faces of LIFE

Takieta Clark

“When I did my first adjustment, it was so amazing that I was even tingling all over! That’s what this journey is all about … making a difference in the world one patient at a time. But, the best part is that I still get that tingly feeling every time I do an adjustment.”

Faces of LIFE

Michael Becker

When looking at Chiropractic through an artist’s lens, you may well see it as an “art” as well. Michael Becker, on his way to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, does indeed take that view. An extremely well-spoken individual, Becker possesses a degree in Philosophy obtained from the University of Tampa in Florida, yet is now at Life University walking a very different path. He says that LIFE’s philosophy aligns well with his own personal beliefs, and after he came to the realization that he wanted to serve his fellow man, he came to LIFE to learn a profession that does just that.

Faces of LIFE

Brian Muntanga

From early-in-the-morning rugby practice to afternoon business classes, each day Brian Muntanga divides his time between his two interests.

Muntanga, an undergraduate Business Administration major, also holds the position of hooker on Life University’s rugby team. He is one of the team’s forwards who, during scrums, plays in the front row to ‘hook’ the ball back with his foot.

Faces of LIFE

Dillon Feierstadt

Dillon Feierstadt, currently in his twelfth quarter pursuing a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, is also obtaining a Sport Health Science Master’s Degree in the Chiropractic Sport Science track at the same time. He has taken this route since he is most interested in sports and movement and knows that he will eventually be involved professionally in a sports-related career.

Faces of LIFE

Darrien Drummond

Darrien Drummond knew that he was destined to work in the field of psychology in one form or another. What he did not plan on was his interest in Chiropractic. He says, “It literally came out of nowhere!”