What is your name and what are you studying at LIFE?

I am Amber Jackson and I am a Student Ambassador and Doctor of Chiropractic student.


What made your first quarter at LIFE so memorable?

I would say it’s the people that I met, because my best friends on campus now are the people I met like day one and day two. I remember walking in the first day at 7:00 a.m., and I just said this prayer: “Lord, please let me just meet the smartest people in the room.” And I’m in a room of highly intelligent people, but what I meant in that sense was the smartest people, the people I could connect with, that I was able to resonate with, and I cannot imagine what my career would be like had I not met the people that I met on my first day in that journey. I just love my tribe. So my tribe has been a huge part of my success here and such a memorable part of my first quarter.


What surprised you during your first quarter at LIFE?

I would say the amount of studying and reading and memorization. I knew it would be work, but whew – I did not imagine it would be this much work, because school was something that always came easy for me. I need to sit down and write it out, and get my agenda and plan, because if I don’t, I’m going to fail. That was the biggest adjustment for me, and it did not take me long to figure that part out.


What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell myself, “Don’t give up. Things are going to be hard, but they’re going to be hard for a reason, and they’re going to be necessary and are all growth opportunities. Do not run from adversity – welcome it. Those hard challenges, those mountains are worth the climb.”


How would you describe your first quarter in a few words?

Exhilarating, scary and fulfilling.



My 1st Quarter is a new campaign featuring students reflecting on their 1st quarter of studies at Life University and why it was so special and unique. All University students (undergraduates, graduates and D.C.) are encouraged to share their experiences in order to help those in future incoming classes get a real-life glimpse of what they can expect as they start a new chapter of their education journeys at LIFE.