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Bonnie Archbold
LIFE’s Positivity
Staff: Receptionist for SSC
April 2020

“My family is my safe haven,” says Bonnie Archbold, the Front Desk Receptionist at Life University’s Student Success Center. “I tend to really enjoy being around them – I love being home with them. My kids make me laugh. It’s just a wealth of energy, being around my boys, so I love it. I’m a very family-oriented person.”

When it comes to free time, Archbold likes to read and to binge watch shows on Netflix.

“My LIFE journey began October 30, 2017,” Archbold recalls. “I have really enjoyed working at the facility. It’s been a really huge blessing, for me and my family.”

Archbold believes one can bring home negative energy to others from their work environment. “And I don’t have that – I’m very happy at work.”

Archbold came to work at Life University because she was looking for a change. “I was looking for something I could invest in, invest my efforts, invest my time. I don’t want just a job; I want to have a job that I care about. And I found that, so it’s been a huge blessing for me.”

The Student Success Center is made up of three departments: Academic Support, Counseling and Disability Services, Archbold says. “It’s the hub for students when they need help with the stress in their life, or they need help because they have disabilities in regard to learning. We offer tutoring sessions and SI [Supplemental Instruction] sessions, just to help them get a better grasp on the information and allow them to be the best student they can be.”

Archbold says she tries to impart a sense of warmth to the students she encounters. “I really love them. They make me laugh. I just really get good energy from the students, and I give out the same energy to them. So, it’s really just seeing a bunch of people that I care about walk in and out the door for whatever services they need, I help them get to that. But in the process, I make a connection with the student, and the student is left feeling better than they were when they came in.”

Part of Archbold’s participation on campus includes participating in student orientations. “Being at Orientation and meeting the students when they come in, it’s benefitted me to do that because I can see them walk around campus and I can stop them and say, ‘Hey! How are you doing? How is it all going?’ And then they have a person that they know. I feel like such a part of it and I want the students to feel a part of it, too.”

When it comes to advice for current and prospective LIFE students, Archbold says, “Just hang in there. Every day seems overwhelming, but at the end of it, you’re going to get a career that you love. You’re going to have a degree. You’re going to have everything that you worked for. Find someone to connect with and share the load with, because you’re not alone…. Just be together.”

Lasting Purpose has become a part of Archbold’s daily life.

“Anyone who walks in love first and has that as a base of what they’re using to communicate with others, I think you are already operating from a sense of Lasting Purpose at that point,” Archbold says. “If you are going to give someone the love and kindness that you want in return, then you’re going to reap exactly what you sow. So I think with that being my forefront and my focus, that will automatically put me in the walk of Lasting Purpose.”

One thing Archbold wants to tell the Life University Community is, “I appreciate you guys for your smiling faces and your positive feedback and positive attitude. I can feel the love that’s on campus and I can feel the love that’s in this community. I think we are a true community striving to make things happen together and it’s a beautiful thing.”








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