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Eco-Friendly Holiday Activities and Practices

We at Life University sincerely hope that your holidays are merry, bright and full of joy. Yet, we encourage you to think critically about how you spend the winter holiday season, focusing on how to live out Lasting Purpose through sustainable means. Students familiar with our B.A. in Human Ecology program understand our commitment to seeking out mindful solutions to the 21st century’s pressing complex social and environmental problems in all aspects of life, including how we celebrate the holidays. In that jolly good spirit, let’s lay out some sustainable holiday tips for a holiday you can be proud of!

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Going Green on Halloween? How to be Eco-Conscious with Holiday Decorating

Here at Life University (Life U), we are all about positive impact and how to leave the world better than we found it. We even have an amazing B.A. in Human Ecology program focused entirely on studying an awareness and advocacy around the 21st century’s pressing complex social and environmental problems. This effects even how we might approach fun and seemingly frivolous activities, such as Halloween.

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May 23, 2023 – Marietta, Georgia – The International Chiropractic Association announced that Dr. Charmaine Herman, a Life University (Life U) Professor in the Clinical Sciences Department, was inducted as a new ICA Fellow. Dr. Herman was among 10 honorees who were recognized at the ICA annual convention on April 22, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The ICA is proud to have these individuals as leaders in our community and as ambassadors of Chiropractic to the wider world. We thank them for their years of service and will continue to support them in their chiropractic endeavors,” remarked the ICA on their official website.