Welcome to Slice of LIFE, an invitation to and extension of everything happening at LIFE University. Whether you are a current student, a potential freshmen, or a proud alum, Slice of Life can help keep you connected to your academic community; alternatively, whether you are a student’s parent, a health and wellness professional, or even just a Marietta neighbor, Slice of LIFE will open up our university’s energy and activism up to you.

From exploring the science behind mental and physical health, and talking to the researchers extending that science, to getting perspectives from our most successful students–this blog project aims to circulate the vital energy of our LIFE family. Our blog will be active Monday through Friday, offering specific programming each day. We encourage you to stop by each day, but readers might also find that some days are more of your style!

  • Motivational Monday – Designed to help you get past the most infamous day of the week, Mondays will be about giving you a boost whether that is in the form of an inspiring story or some new music to listen to.
  • Trivia Tuesday – Tuesdays are for tidbits and trivia. Each of these posts will be looking into the identity of LIFE university, exploring some of our research, or just taking a moment to look at something kind of neat!
  • Wellness Wednesday – The middle of the week is a great time to assess yourself and we aim to offer you tips and perspective on how to be your best self.
  • Throwback Thursday – We turn back the clock on Thursdays to reflect on major moments at LIFE University and how students have expressed themselves over the years.
  • Faces of LIFE Friday – Faces of LIFE has already been a running feature but we have snatched them up here at Slice of LIFE. The Faces series features students, staff, and faculty each week and shines a spotlight on what makes them special.

Follow all of our posts easily by connecting to our Twitter account and watch for chances to share your own experiences and photos with our blog.