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Marietta, Georgia, July 16, 2019 – Life University’s premier chiropractic membership organization, LIFEforce, invites all who champion principled, vitalistic Chiropractic to join its ranks to help make positive changes to modern health care.

Life University is known as the not-so-little University that is changing the world, and as such they offer a pre-eminent vitalistic healthcare education that includes their esteemed Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree program. Recently, they welcomed their largest incoming class of students in more than five years.

However, in spite of that impressive growth, the profession as a whole is not currently graduating a sufficient number of Doctors of Chiropractic to replace those who are retiring or passing away, and it has a huge task at hand to fulfill its mission. This is where Life University’s highly regarded, and immensely valued, LIFEforce Tribe comes in.

The LIFEforce Tribe is committed to filling Life University with students who are passionate about Chiropractic now and for decades to come with a mission to make sure that everyone on the planet has access to chiropractic care and a chiropractic education, if they so choose.

Why is LIFEforce so Vitally Important?
There are more than one million medical doctors in the U.S. compared to only 68,000 chiropractors. Worldwide, it’s even more dramatic. The European Union has 700 million people; there are less than 5,000 DCs. China is home to 1.3 billion people, and there are about 20 DCs. LIFEforce and Life University are both committed to increasing the influence of the profession here in North America and starting chiropractic programs worldwide.

But the only way to do this is by spreading the word on Chiropractic’s value and attracting even greater numbers to join the LIFEforce Tribe. Individuals can make a difference each and every day by joining LIFEforce and spreading the word to their patients, friends and community. Life University does not even have to be their alma mater to join the Tribe.

Exclusive LIFEforce Benefits
• Be the first to receive news from Life University.
• Receive special invitations to private events with Chancellor Dr. Guy Riekeman and President Dr. Rob Scott.
• Receive notifications for Advanced Registration and/or discounted pricing for events such as Fall CElebration and LIFE Vision.
• Enjoy complimentary hotel accommodations for your first LIFEforce Weekend.
• Receive a Life U ID card, which permits complimentary access to the University’s Wellness Center, Drs. Sid E. and Nell K. Williams Library, and on-campus sports such as rugby, basketball, soccer, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse and track.
• Use of a VIP Parking Pass while on campus.

If you have any questions about this invaluable effort, please email LIFEforce@LIFE.edu. And if you would like to help carry the chiropractic torch into the future and exemplify Life University’s mission by joining our LIFEforce Tribe, visit LIFEforce.LIFE.edu/Membership to become a Tribe member today.

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