Life University’s Academic Affairs departments are committed to serving individuals in our immediate community, the region, country and the world. To that end, the faculty, staff and administration recently spent eight months of research, with multiple meetings and conversations, developing recommendations for a second comprehensive LIFE Academic Master Plan (LAMP II).

The collegial academic planning process utilized a forward-thinking approach to recommend and develop successful academic programs at Life University, which originally started in 2008, and will be used as the institution begins the journey into the implementation of the 2040 strategic plan. This academic master planning process was designed to ensure that new academic programs are developed thoughtfully and prudently, while appropriate services are identified and developed to maximize the probability that students will leave LIFE in a place to best achieve career success, life fulfillment and become supportive alumni of the institution.

The overall academic master plan, while concentrating on new academic programs as well as revisions or modifications to existing programs, will include various types of certificate or certification programs offered both on-ground and online. LAMP II also includes a plan and timeframe for intentional program review of all academic programs with an eye toward making changes or modifications to improve and enhance existing programs. Further, program review identifies areas of commonality among various academic programs and informs program learning outcomes. The third area of concentration within the academic master plan includes enrollment management strategies focused on retention and recruitment of students for current and new programs.

Students are the primary beneficiary of any successful outcomes from LAMP II. They will have access to an increased number of educational offerings that include active learning strategies and internship opportunities. As a result, the University also benefits through increased enrollment and retention, resulting in increased recognition throughout the country and internationally.

The ultimate goal of LAMP II is to ensure Life University has quality academic programming that meets student and industry needs while keeping an eye toward needed revisions to maintain current within various academic disciplines, occupational fields and work-related careers. A successful LAMP II will increase educational offerings and support employers’ evolving needs while educational offerings reach a broader constituency here locally and around the world.