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“Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth” was the theme of a message delivered by Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Vice President of University Advancement and Enrollment, to Dr. Paula Billups’ MGT 302-SP21 Leadership Development students in a recent class session. Dr. Lamarche (and Dr. Billups) are graduates of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce Leadership Cobb program. Since Dr. LaMarche most recently graduated, Dr. Billups asked if he would share his experience in Leadership Cobb with her students. What these MGT 302-Leadership Development students received instead was a heartfelt, eloquent and inspirational message on how leadership begins with “you.”

Dr. LaMarche shared that he identified a mentor very early in his career who offered pointed strategies on self-development and how to overcome roadblocks/indiscretions that may prevent one from “living with purpose.”

When asked to share their take-aways, Dr. Billups’ students shared the following:

“Lead yourself in order to lead the rest and bring a positive vibe to the people you get to see every day.”

 “Investing in yourself should be the main priority.”

“Dr. LaMarche opened my mind to the importance of humanism and the desire to do good to others.”

“You have inspired me to be a better man and leader.”

“What stuck with me is that he mentioned that every day we need to live with purpose –  the same purpose. This stuck with me because sometimes I can’t find my purpose.”

“Dr. LaMarche reminds himself about how grateful he is every day,and it makes me do the same every day.”

“Wake up every day with a positive mindset and protect your positive energy by keeping the right people around you.”

“Put yourself in situations that will improve your weaknesses and be the best dressed in the room.”

“His statement, ‘Keep persevering when people doubt you’ inspired me to keep going for the things that I am passionate about.”