International Admissions Counselor

“Nurturing Dreams: The Compassionate Journey of Nigar Gafarzada at Life University”


In the bustling world of higher education, where institutions often focus on academic excellence and research prowess, there lies a gem of compassion and dedication – Nigar Gafarzada, the International Admissions Counselor at Life University (Life U). Hailing from Azerbaijan, Nigar brings a unique blend of experience, warmth and a relentless passion for helping students achieve their dreams.

Gafarzada’s journey to Life U is a testament to serendipity and the power of recommendation. It was a retired chiropractor, Dr. Saida Sadri, an alumna of Life U, who first introduced her to the institution. Reflecting on this encounter, Gafarzada recalls, “She was talking about Life University all the time. And I checked that because I never heard about Life University, to be honest. And as I learned more, I saw that Life University matched my career plans well, and I learned about an opening here and thought, ‘Why not?”

With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Moscow Open Social (since closed) and over a decade of experience as a medical scientist in Azerbaijan, Gafarzada’s journey toward a new career path unfolded when she moved to the United States. Her transition to the role of an International Admissions Counselor at Life U in 2021 marked a significant chapter in her professional life.

At Life U, Gafarzada’s primary responsibility revolves around assisting international students in navigating the intricate admissions process. From guiding them through application procedures to addressing their queries and concerns, she ensures a seamless transition for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. However, the challenges inherent in working with international students, exacerbated by time zone differences, demand unwavering dedication. “They (students) have a lot of questions, and sometimes I need to take a lot of Zoom meetings, calls and emails with students. It’s really challenging […] because of the time differences,” Gafarzada shares.

Yet, amidst the hurdles, Gafarzada finds fulfillment in her role, fostering a nurturing environment akin to a family away from home. Alongside her supervisor, she extends her support beyond academic matters, assisting students with visa requirements and acclimatizing to life at Life U. “We help students from the day they apply and to the day they leave the country,” she emphasizes, underscoring the holistic approach adopted by her department.

For Gafarzada, Life U stands apart from her previous professional endeavors, primarily due to its unparalleled sense of camaraderie and support. “When I started my job here and saw that the people here are really nice and helpful. If you don’t know something, a lot of people trying to help you, and even if they don’t know you, even if it’s not a part of their job, but they’re still trying to help you. It makes Life University a very friendly place,” she reflects warmly.

In the bustling corridors of Life U, Gafarzada embodies the spirit of compassion and dedication, enriching the lives of countless students with her unwavering support and boundless empathy. As she continues her journey, she remains a beacon of hope, nurturing dreams and empowering individuals to realize their fullest potential in the nurturing embrace of Life U’s inclusive community.

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