Life University is expanding its horizons with explosive growth and transformation in large part to the cooperation and engagement of people, partnerships and philanthropy. Why is the number 3 so powerful? Throughout human history, the number 3 has always had a unique significance. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras postulated that the meaning behind numbers was deeply significant. In their eyes, the number 3 was considered the perfect number, the number for harmony, wisdom and understanding.

Life University embodies similar values through our mission, our vitalistic philosophy and our meaningful understanding of Lasting Purpose.

  1. `People
  2. Partnerships
  3. Philanthropy



    Our community is rooted in a rich soil that is harvesting a bright future.

    • The Life University Board of Trustees, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni and Friends.
    • Faculty and Staff participation in Life U’s Annual Fund is 27%.
    • Life U has a network of more than 21,000 alumni.
    • Impact and investment in the future through scholarships, classroom upgrades, PAT labs, Anatomage Tables, new Upper Athletic Field scoreboard and enhancements, Running Eagles Performance (REP) Center, enrollment growth, and much more.



    Partnership is a voluntary collaborative agreement between two or more parties in which all parties work together to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task to share risks, relationships, resources, competencies and benefits.

    Our partnership outcomes have considerable long-term growth and value. One of our greatest benefactors at Life University is the William M. Harris Family Foundation, which has been of mutual benefit to both organizations. Our ongoing history is an example of partnership defined. The recent investments in classroom and campus upgrades, as well as academic and technology enhancements for student success are a result of this great partnership.

    Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. Sustainable partnerships are developed over years and enhanced through impact and involvement by our legacy supporters.



    Building a culture of philanthropy at Life University is important to the ongoing financial strength and success of the institution. As we embark on a number of changes occurring within the higher education landscape and the new knowledge economy, Life University will continue to stay relevant in the health sciences sector and bring tremendous value to the next generation of healthcare leaders as they bring meaningful change to the communities we serve. Philanthropy is a critical component to that sustainability model.


    This article was originally published in Your Extraordinary Life (YEL), Life University‘s Alumni and Friends Magazine, 2022- Volume 15. YEL started in 2009 as a twice-per-year publication before moving to three issues per year from 2010-2017. In 2018, University leadership made the decision to publish a larger, more elegant version of the magazine just once per year that our alumni and friends could be proud of. YEL features an in-depth look at all things Life University, from alumni and student human interest stories to recaps and previews of the University’s biggest events. If you are a proud Life University alumni, friend or supporter, this publication is one you can’t miss!

    Read the latest issue and past issues at this link or pick up a print copy on campus.