Online education had already been a growing focus and priority in modern universities like Life University (Life U) prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the sudden lockdown brought the need for robust online education into focus. Life U’s College of Online Education (COE) has grown leaps and bounds to accommodate the increasing demand for quality distance learning and will continue to do so.

But first, let’s examine some of the distinct advantages that this kind of educational style presents.

Advantages of Online Education

(Adapted from Open Education Database article, “7 Advantages to Taking Online Classes”)

  1. Flexibility- Many of our Life U students lead hectic lives filled with children, work and other responsibilities that don’t just go away when they decide to pursue higher education. Online education allows for many ways to make education fit into your life, instead of the other way around. Some classes, or portions of them, can be offered asynchronously (not in real-time) so that students have some control of when and where they want to learn.
  2. Affordability- Life University already has fair tuition rates, and all the other costs associated with an in-person education are typically lessened or eliminated in an online education setting. For example, online learners don’t have to contend with on-campus housing costs or meal plans. And of course, they save time and money by eliminating their commute. Online students can often also save money on textbooks, especially when digital versions are available. And if online students are enrolled at least part-time, they are eligible for federal financial aid in the form of grants and loans.
  3. Personalized work environment- Life U is wherever you have a secure Wi-Fi connection. Work from home or in your most beloved coffee shop, the library or even the beach! Additionally, Life U’s borders are expanded exponentially as online education does not have to be limited to a particular state or country. Just like on campus, we have online students from all over the world adding diversity and vibrancy to our student body.
  4. Improvement of Technical Skills- Many careers now require technical know-how in this digital age. Online courses utilize learning management systems, such as Life U’s Blackboard, to deliver course content, allowing students to submit work and connect with their professors and fellow students. Students gain experience in navigating new software, performing online research and communicating professionally online in discussion boards and teleconferencing. Being comfortable with working remotely is an asset now that remote work is becoming so prevalent.


The College of Online Education at Life U

Life U is currently in the process of adding several more exciting undergraduate and graduate level online degrees programs, so stay tuned. Dr. Jo Lobertini, Associate Dean of COE, had much to say about online education at Life U.

“What sets online learning at Life U apart from the rest? Superior student support and course design. Online students receive superior support from institutional staff and faculty. Tutoring is available from within the online classroom, and there is a dedicated online advising liaison who works to make sure online advising needs are met. Faculty have years of experience teaching online and take part in COE-specific training when they are hired.

Two of the COE’s online programs, the B.S. in Biology and the M.S. in Positive Psychology, have won national awards for their program design and delivery. All COE courses are carefully designed and developed by a team made up of a subject matter expert (faculty member), an instructional designer and a media producer working under academic leadership oversight. In this process, the faculty contributes subject matter, and the instructional designer supplies course development guidance based on the Quality Matters (QM) higher education standards for quality in online course design. These standards have been examined for consistency with the conclusions of the educational research literature on factors that improve student learning and retention rates, as well as activities that increase learning and engagement,” said Dr. Lobertini.

Online Degree Programs offered at Life U

M.S. in Positive Psychology (MSPP)- Two Tracks 

Life U offers the MSPP with two tracks: General Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. The MSPP is a fully accredited, one-of-a-kind online degree program. In fact, it is one of only a handful of such highly sought-after programs in the world. The MSPP at Life University investigates strengths-based research that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

B.S. in Biology

Life U’s Bachelor of Science in Biology curriculum is grounded in a philosophy that is deeply respectful of the innate intelligence of life – the ability of all organisms to be conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing. Life U works closely with biology students to help them pursue their interests in advanced educational endeavors or STEM career pathways.

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies 

Life U’s Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies provides a breadth of knowledge that is particularly advantageous in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, where today’s skills are quickly outdated by tomorrow’s new technologies. This degree equips students with the communication expertise, critical thinking abilities and a worldview that translate into transferable skills valued by all employers. 

B.S. in Psychology 

Life U’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology majors are taught to emphasize the inborn human capacities for love, courage, forgiveness, wisdom and interpersonal connection. Along with scientific study, these principles are woven throughout all coursework and culminate in real-life applications through either an internship or a senior thesis experience.

A.S. in Health and Wellness

Life University’s Health and Wellness Associate degree program is designed for individuals who wish to take part in America’s cultural change toward sustainable health choices, fitness and wellness-centered lifestyles. Upon completion of this health science degree’s requirements, graduates will be prepared to seek employment with recreational and health club facilities; community or corporate wellness programs; or pursue independent contracting. Alternatively, they may choose to purse further higher education study.

Pre-Doctor of Chiropractic

This is a pathway designed to prepare students to go on to a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) program. There are three paths in which students can choose to complete this degree. In the popular Path 1, students can earn their bachelor’s degree and work on their D.C program concurrently. In the Path 1 program, students have six potential majors to choose from, two of which are offered online (B.S in Biology and B.S in Psychology).

For more information about the Pre Doctor of Chiropractic, please visit the link above.


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