The location of Life University in metropolitan Atlanta offers a number of unique advantages. Atlanta is ideally located in northern Georgia within easy reach of a variety of recreational activities. An hour north is the southern end of the Appalachian Mountain range where the Appalachian Trail and some of the best hiking in the country begin. The mountains offer many kinds of recreational opportunities including camping and water sports on lakes and rivers. Georgia’s Atlantic seacoast with its beaches, unspoiled barrier islands and historic port towns is just four to five hours southeast of the city. Atlanta offers a blend of Old South charm and New South progress and growth. There are outstanding cultural and recreational opportunities in metro Atlanta ranging from world-class museums to theater and symphony to professional sports teams.

Experience the rich history of our region by exploring the museums, communities and landscapes that tell Metro Atlanta’s story. Located on the Life University campus in Marietta, the 19th Century Village is a recreated pioneer village that contains relocated log structures dating back to the 1700s. The site is open dawn to dusk. Cabins are open on special occasions.

At LIFE, the 19th Century Village is a place to relax, reflect on simpler times and focus on what matters most. Take a short walk down the wooded path and be transported to a different time and place. This tranquil village contains authentic 19th century structures including a fully functional L.T. Lefler Grist Mill that is run by the flowing creek waters. The old stone and wood mill was purchased from J. T. Lefler, owner of the Pine Run Mill in Huntsville, Virginia, and relocated to Rottenwood Creek on the LIFE campus.