It’s a common thread, seeing a friend on Instagram or Twitter ask for recommendations for their next favorite podcast. Podcasts are a booming trend that appear to be here to stay, which is a great thing as podcasts are entertaining platforms to learn new information and engage with just about any interest under the sun. And for our D.C. students at Life University (Life U), finding a fun chiropractic podcast to listen to on the way to class or in your car might serve as a valuable resource.

Here’s a list of 10 popular chiropractic podcasts to add to your playlist, in no particular order:

  • Living Life at Life ULife University (Life U) makes a point to engage with students, alumni and friends in creative, innovative ways. Life U has created the Living Life at Life U podcast to generate dynamic content, mind-blowing conversations and new ways for the Life U community to connect with the University. Our host, Dr. Véronica Garcia-Chaparro, is a proud alumna of the Life U D.C. program as well as a practicing chiropractor and friend of the University. The podcast covers all the latest developments at Life U, from academics and chiropractic education to athletics and so much more. Though this podcast is not solely focused on Chiropractic, be sure to check in periodically for exciting information and updates on advances in Chiropractic coming out of Life U. A few episodes of note include Chiropractic as a Second Career; Peaking at P.E.A.K and other exciting aspects of Chiropractic at Life U; and Solid foundations of Chiropractic Research, with Dr. Stephanie Sullivan.
  • The Evidence Based Chiropractor Podcast- Hosted by Dr. Jeff Langmaid, The Evidence Based Chiropractor (EBC) is a podcast created for chiropractors. It delves into weekly research and marketing updates for chiropractors. The intent is to develop ideas and work from actionable information, improve communication and hopefully lead to measurable chiropractic growth. This is a long-standing podcast with 100+ episodes available. (Information from EBC Apple Podcast description).
  • Rocket Chiropractic Podcast- Formerly known as Black Sheep DC, the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast follows Dr. Jerry Kennedy as he tackles everyday issues that effect a chiropractor, mainly from the business and marketing aspects. This podcast can help you get a better sense of practical, sensible and patient-centered ways to improve your current or future practice. Get tips on how to alleviate the stress around building your practice so that you can help more people as well as grow your income. (Information from the Rocket Chiropractic Podcast description on Apple Podcasts).
  • The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show Designed to provide chiropractors with modern, ethical marketing strategies, The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show can help to grow your business without a hefty price tag. It’s a mix of topic-based podcasts, as well as interviews with industry leaders in Chiropractic, marketing and business strategy. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Kevin Christie (Information from The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show description on Apple Podcasts).
  • Chiropractic Science- Be one of the first on the cutting edge of new and exciting chiropractic research from the actual experts conducting these studies. The information is intended to be conveyed in plain English, understandable to the common person but not watered or filtered down by a middleman or media outlet. The podcast strives to motivate and assist cchiropractors and students to pursue chiropractic research careers. This podcast is hosted by Dean Smith, D.C. (Information from the Chiropractic Science description on Apple Podcasts).
  • Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance Podcast- This is the official podcast of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance (FTCA). Dubbed as “progressive chiropractic talk,” the FTCA Podcast interviews the brightest minds in the profession and compelling professionals from other related professions. This podcast is a reference for those interested in evidence-based chiropractic in an entertaining format. This podcast is hosted by Bobby Maybee. (Information from the FTCA Podcast description on Apple Podcasts).
  • The Smart Chiropractor Podcast Hosted by Life U Alumnus Dr. Jason Deitch and Dr. Jeff Langmaid, The Smart Chiropractor Podcast delves into what these DCs call the best practices of the best practices. It explores chiropractic marketing, clinical skill and all-important business growth. (Information from The Smart Chiropractor Podcast description on Apple Podcasts).
  • Lifestyle Practice Builders- Husband and wife team and practice partners Drs. Rich and Haley Day bring listeners fascinating interviews and insights from respected chiropractors, entrepreneurs and marketers. This podcast seeks to serve as a go-to online chiropractic resource with tips, guides, case studies and tutorials covering need-to-know topics to build your practice and promote a healthful chiropractic lifestyle. This podcast is helpful to D.C. students, new doctors and even experienced chiropractors as it offers concrete advice and inspiration information that can be used in real-world situations. (Information from the Lifestyle Practice Builders description on Apple Podcasts).
  • The Chiropractic Secrets- Podcast Host Dr. Beau Pierce speaks to finding balance in your life as a chiropractor with his podcast title The Chiropractic Secrets. Dr. Pierce is also the Founder of Circle of Docs. This podcast seeks to offer powerful information and conversations surrounding Chiropractic in typically 30 minutes or less per episode, so it doesn’t take up too much valuable time. It’s a good mix of great interviews, advice and topic-based content surrounding chiropractic business. (Information from The Chiropractic Secrets description on Apple Podcasts).
  • Clinic Gym Radio Hosted by Dr. Josh Satterlee, this podcast explores the potential benefits of operating a hybrid clinic gym practice. For those interested in the connection of athletics and sports to Chiropractic, this podcast might open up new doors and ways of thinking about how to succeed in the chiropractic profession. (Information from the Clinic Gym Radio descriptions from Apple Podcasts).

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