Citlali Salas-Abrego

B.S. Exercise Science student

“A new philosophy”


What made your first quarter at Life U so memorable?

I am currently in my second quarter at Life U. In my first quarter, I would have to say attending the different activities that [Life U] offers made it memorable. I went to the Philosophy Night with a teammate of mine. It allowed me to see different things about Chiropractic that I hadn’t really thought about before.

Besides that, I am on an athletic team as well, the Life U Women’s Wrestling team. Just being able to experience all the different things that Life U offers, outside of my role as a student-athlete, is very cool.

What surprised you during your first quarter at Life U?

I would have to say the quarter system, how the classes are set up and learning the time management. I came from a school that used semesters and a semester-long course. It definitely changed how I had to manage my time and all the different things I chose to do throughout the day.

What advice would you give prospective students thinking about attending Life U?

I would definitely tell them about the quarter system and how different it is from a semester. I would be very cautious of making time for studying, and keep in mind it’s going to go by very fast.

Remember to take care of your health as well. You have to make sure you are eating well and drinking lots of water.

Tell us a bit about your program and what you have learned so far?

I am studying Exercise Science, and my ultimate goal is to become a physical therapist. The reason I thought to study that came to me after working at a women’s salon and getting to know a lot of women there.

And my older sister, she works at a women’s clinic. When I would go visit her when I would have my appointments, I would talk to the doctor there, and she would talk to me about the different aspects of public health.

I really wanted to learn about how to help these women. She told me about public health physical therapy—about how I could actually be working with women who are pregnant or an athlete who would like to strengthen things up. I’m an athlete, so I would also like to work with athletes.

So that’s pretty much why I came into college. But once I attended Life U’s Philosophy Night and [encountering Chiropractic] everywhere I go, I’m learning more about Chiropractic, so that could be something that could happen for me in the future as well.

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