It is the role and responsibility of any good university marketing team to constantly champion and commemorate the accomplishments of their institution. When the spotlight turns on us, however, we can get a bit shy, yet it is important to celebrate wins big and small. The Life University (Life U) Marketing team was recently recognized in a number of categories for the 2023 Collegiate Advertising Awards. This included five Gold awards in Blogs, Webcasts/Podcasts, Virtual Tours, Brochures and Miscellaneous categories. Life U also received a Silver award for its new 50th Anniversary logo.

Both reflecting on the work of the past year and working toward fully memorializing Life U’s 50th anniversary have inspired the members of the University Marketing Department to share a few words on their pride in the school, as well as hopes for the future.

“It’s not every day that an organization reaches a milestone like 50 years. It’s a testament to our Life University leadership and community of dedication, hard work and, most importantly, Lasting Purpose and progress. And that’s exactly what we’ve been striving for since the very beginning,” Shelly Batcher, Executive Director of Marketing, said.

“Here’s to 50 years of pioneering chiropractic care, driving research and educating the dedicated. We celebrate our Lasting Purpose and the milestones that mark our enduring commitment to health and wellness. To the next 50 and beyond!”

“Life University as a whole is such a vibrant, supportive and positive place to be. I hope we can continue to grow and to foster a well-balanced undergraduate and graduate student population in addition to our unparalleled chiropractic college,” Kelsey Asher, Integrated Content Creator, said.

“Celebrating 50 years of Life University’s legacy, we honor our past while embracing the future with boundless optimism, dedication and innovation. Here’s to the next half-century of transforming lives and shaping the future of chiropractic care,” Ilona Berman, Clinic Communications and Marketing Manager, said.

“2024 marks 11 years for me as an employee of Life University, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be. It’s been remarkable to see the positive changes that have taken place over the last 11 years, and it’s an honor to be even a small part of the history of an institution that is changing the lives of so many around the world,” Will Brooks, Communications & Marketing Manager, said.

“Through its commitment to changing the landscape of health care from a mechanistic ‘sick care’ model to a vitalistic model, all while fostering a sense of Lasting Purpose in its community of students, faculty, staff and alumni, Life University is positioned to make its next 50 years even greater than its first 50.”

“Looking at today’s healthcare landscape and the concerns people have with overarching, from-the-top healthcare mandates, I think the concept of Vitalism was presciently staked as a foundling principle for Life University 50 years ago. Remaining true to that and to Lasting Purpose bodes well for the University’s future,” Matthew Shaul, Digital Marketing Strategist/Web Developer, said.