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Faces of LIFE: Jordyn Smith

As a small-town girl from Saskatchewan, Canada running around with her three sisters, Jordyn Smith and her family did not have much exposure to Chiropractic. Her mom is a seamstress, and her dad works for the school division. Her other siblings found careers related to education and business, so Smith is the one that “branched out into something different.” Her hope is that through Chiropractic, she can return to the rural way of life and serve her hometown community with her new knowledge.

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Faces of LIFE: Adrienne Gardner

Associate Web Developer, Life U Marketing “Uplifting Outlook: A Fresh Look at Life U” Adrienne Gardner was born and raised in Swainsboro, Georgia.  She attended Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia where she received her bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a minor in theater.  Her…