Get loud Atlanta!

For the first time since 1995, your very own Atlanta Braves are World Champions. With a final score of 7-0 in Game 6 of the 2021 World Series, the Braves defeated the Houston Astros and were crowned as the 2021 World Series Champions.

Entering August, the Braves ranked five games out of first place in the NL East division and were two games below .500. If someone told me then that they would be World Champions in a few short months, I would have looked at them like they were crazy.

Along with the unpromising record, the Braves faced more adversity, as weeks earlier, star player Ronald Acuña, Jr. suffered a complete ACL tear in his right knee. Losing Acuña made the Braves postseason hopes seem even more out of reach. Despite the hardships, the Braves made it to the playoffs and continued to battle. They battled so hard that they advanced to the World Series. Even when they got there, the odds were still against them, and most people counted them out. Unless of course you are a die-hard fan, then you rallied with them through the entire ride. The Braves entered the World Series with a wild statistic looming over them: 16 postseason appearances without winning a title. To add to the madness, the Braves’ title in 1995 was the only championship by a major professional sports team in Atlanta history.

I mean, come on! This is a big deal!

While Atlanta Braves supporters are ecstatic, the accomplishment is more than winning the Commissioner’s Trophy. The victory speaks volumes about the players, the coaches, the organization, the fans and the city of Atlanta. It takes a special type of culture to stay committed, stay together and persevere through decades of frustration.

Winning the World Series is a city changer. It means people coming together. It means unification. It means community. It means values. It means pure joy. It means positivity spread throughout Atlanta. It means pride. It means bucket lists checked. It means history made.

Let it soak in. Take a look around your city and embrace the feeling. Let’s carry that same culture and that same togetherness at Life University. We are one, and we can start by connecting with one of Life University’s key values – Lasting Purpose. Life U believes that a willingness and desire to serve your community is just as important as academic pursuits. Each individual has been blessed with different gifts, and as a citizen of this community, it is your duty to give, to do, to love, to serve, out of your own abundance.

So now I challenge you to think about this: what can you do to make our city a better place? What can you do to make Life University a better place? What can you do to help a fellow classmate? How can you make a difference in someone else’s life? How can you give back to your community?

While you have some time to find your Lasting Purpose and be the change, make sure to stay tuned through Life University’s Events Page for next season’s Atlanta Braves game. Each year, Life University offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to attend an Atlanta Braves game during a Life U night at the park. You won’t want to miss the chance to cheer on your 2021 World Champions, or should I say, city changers.