D.C. student, Treasurer of The Endocannoboid System club (ECS)

“Life U- Where My Heart Belongs”


What made your first quarter at Life U memorable? 

My friendships and the bonds that I created with people. It was amazing to be around like-minded individuals for the first time in my life. I just remember in orientation getting my feet wet, but in the first few weeks of the quarter into midterms, everyone was getting to know each other. And that was the time that we realized ‘Wait, you think this way too? You are about this [holistic] life too?’

It was really refreshing and very solidifying for me for what I’m doing and my career choice, what path I’m taking. In our quarter, everyone intermingles with each other, so we are pretty tight as a group, even as we have our separate friend groups. The people have been really amazing.

What led you to be interested in studying at Life U?

My first taste of Life U was being adjusted by a Life U graduate. I had been adjusted by, I believe, three Life U graduates before I even knew what Life University was. I received adjustments from them, and I thought ‘This is how I would want to adjust. This is the technique I would want to use.’

They were about education, finesse and skill in their technique as opposed to force, as I have seen from other schools. When I first came to the school to view it, I saw the functional neurology department and things like that. Knowing how involved everyone is at the school really made me fall in love. After I visited Life U, I had two other schools lined up to go to, and I didn’t even go to those visits because I said ‘This feels like home.’ As soon as I stepped on campus, I knew this is where my heart belonged. 

As Treasurer of The Endocannoboid System club (ECS), what can you tell us about the purpose of the club and what you enjoy about it?

Our purpose with the ECS club is to share educational information regarding the Endocannoboid system. The ECS system is one of the largest receptor systems in the body, and we can do a lot using CBD and other derivatives of hemp plants to help our body – regulate it and keep it in homeostasis.

There are just so many amazing things that it can do, but there is such a stigma behind the plant itself. Our vision is to bridge the gap between the education and the use of it in our practice since we are not medicine, so we want to use as natural of things as possible to help our patients and not see side effects in the long run. Our goal is to spread awareness, and we bring speakers in as well.

What advice would you give to a new or prospective Life U student?

Just do it; definitely come. I am originally from New York, and being down in Georgia is a huge difference. I don’t see snow, which I absolutely love. But the community is fantastic, and the clubs that we get at Life U that are presented to us just make the experience extraordinary. It’s something I don’t think I would have been able to gain at other chiropractic schools, just based on the feedback that I have heard from people at other places.

What are some of your post-graduation plans?

I would definitely like to be involved in pediatric and perinatal Chiropractic. I am coming into Chiropractic because I have scoliosis myself, and I was diagnosed as a child. If I had received chiropractic care, there is a greater chance that I would have been two inches taller, and my back would have been in much better condition than what it is now.

So, I want to be the voice for kids who don’t have a voice and whose parents don’t know, because a lot of things are still shunned in the chiropractic community. I want to be the voice of people who are unheard and to get them the help that they need.

With perinatal and prenatal, there is just a whole world that hasn’t been discovered with the support that mothers need during pregnancy and then for the first two years after pregnancy. So that is what I really want to focus on after graduation, though of course, I am open to other types of patients as well.


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