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Research Series- Harnessing Data for Knowledge of Pregnancy Outcomes with Lauren Bruss – Podcast

Pregnancy can be a tumultuous and anxiety-ridden time for mothers-to-be. Can chiropractic make that process any easier and even possibly positively affect birth outcomes? That is the question that Lauren Bruss, D.C. student and RISE scholar, seeks to explore in her research project through Life University. This special research series is co-hosted by Erin Gilligan, Project Coordinator of Research & Scholarly Activity.

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My First Quarter: Lexy Foster

D.C. student, Treasurer of The Endocannoboid System club (ECS) “Life U- Where My Heart Belongs”    What made your first quarter at Life U memorable?  My friendships and the bonds that I created with people. It was amazing to be around like-minded individuals for the…