B.B.A Business Administration

Big leap of faith toward success

What made your first quarter at Life U so memorable?

I’m a transfer student from Turkey. I studied for three years over there. When I started [at Life U] about three years ago, I found all my professors very helpful. For a transfer student, that is important because you are coming to a totally new environment, meeting with new people.

The whole education system is a little bit different than my country, but getting used to it was a very simple transition for me. It was surprising and relaxing as well.

Tell us a bit about what you have learned so far.

I’m studying business. At the same time, we own a family business [a car dealership and mechanics shop]. We are running that together with my family members. Learning some marketing techniques and actually using them in real life was really helpful for me.

What surprised you during your first quarter at Life U?

The professors have been really helpful and have made this transition easy for me. That was surprising. I wasn’t thinking it was going to be this easy for me.

What advice would you give your younger self coming into Life U?

The main purpose to come was studying business, but I have some other interest, like history. It’s a hobby for me right now, but I would love to study that and wish I had started thinking about it a couple years ago.

What advice would you give international students thinking about attending Life U?

The main thing for me is that there was a transition. Coming from a different country, most of the time that means you are coming from a different education system. And getting used to it, getting to know how the system works here, it’s been really easy for me.

It’s nothing to stress about. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. I recommend everyone to take that step and just do it because it works out.

How would you describe your first quarter in a few short words?

Relaxing, not stressful and inspirational.



My 1st Quarter is a campaign featuring students reflecting on their 1st quarter of studies at Life University and why it was so special and unique. All University students (undergraduates, graduates and D.C.) are encouraged to share their experiences in order to help those in future incoming classes get a real-life glimpse of what they can expect as they start a new chapter of their education journeys at LIFE. If you would like to be featured or have a suggestion, email Marketing@life.edu.