Like many chiropractic students, Dr. Drew Rubin had a particular speciality in mind when he first enrolled as a Life University D.C. student. He originally wanted to become a sports chiropractor. And though that is a compelling field, through his program Pediatrics ended up turning his head and he hasn’t looked back.

Today he owns and operates a pediatric and prenatally focused practice in Marietta, Georgia. He is 1 of 5 Board-Certified Diplomates in Pediatric Chiropractic in the state (DACCP). He and his wife Dr. Lisa Rubin are also members of the Life U faculty, positively molding the minds of the next generation of chiropractors. He encourages students to be open-minded and explore different facets of chiropractic while in school. This episode also explores the fascinating ways in which he has seen children benefit from chiropractic care.