Celebrating Continuing Education and Looking Forward to LIFE Vision Extravaganza

Learning is the pursuit of a lifetime, a statement that most especially applies to individuals in a specialized field such as Chiropractic. In fact, all  U.S states require chiropractors to complete continuing education hours to maintain their licensure. In Georgia, for example, chiropractors are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education each year. This is broken up into four hours of Risk Management, one hour of Georgia Law and 15 hours in Clinical Science. Life University (Life U) provides a superb Postgraduate Education Department that offers robust continuing education programming throughout the year in the form of in-person, on-campus, off-campus and online seminars.

Kathy Stavovy-Bannister, Director of Postgraduate Education, recently celebrated her 19th anniversary with the department and enjoys her role in facilitating educational services for practicing doctors.

“I get to meet a whole bunch of different doctors. It’s the meeting, as well as the learning about different techniques,” said Bannister.


Life U’s Philosophy on Continuing Education

Life U focuses its continuing education on a similar model to the College of Chiropractic’s (COE) standards, based on a vitalistic approach to health and the correction of the vertebral subluxation complex.

Condition-Based Care- The intention is to provide care to the patient for a specific health issue until that health issue is resolved or stabilized.

Corrective-Based Care- The goal is to provide care for a patient who perhaps had no specific health issue at entrance, or the health issue at entrance was resolved/stabilized by the condition-based care. The corrective-based care phase comes in when the patient has clinical findings consistent with subluxation or another health issue that is asymptomatic but requires correction through the point of maximum possible correction. 

Wellness Development-Based Care- In this phase, care is provided to a patient with minimal or no consistent or persistent clinical findings. Care is provided for the purpose of reaching optimal performance within the aspects of physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental and spiritual well-being.


LIFE Vision Extravaganza

Most notably, Life University hosts its annual LIFE Vision Extravaganza event (formally known as Fall CElebration), a continuing education conference that allows practitioners to complete needed hours effectively and efficiently, held this year September 28-October 2, 2022. A professional attending for the entire conference can accumulate up to 36 CE hours, satisfying most state requirements. It’s a chance to hear new perspectives, as 86 speakers will be presenting over the course of the five-day program. It is also very cost effective, as this program is offered at only $49 for the first 1,000 registered and $169 after that, still a very exceptional value for all that is offered.

The first day, Wednesday, September 28, will primarily focus on Georgia Law (or Florida Law as needed) and Risk Management requirement hours. Day two, Thursday, September 29, has 13 potential classes offered in Block 1 as well as Block 2, so there is lots of compelling programming from which to select. The classes offered cover a wide range of potential health topics, from nutrition, clinic, pediatrics, technique, documentation and more. Please note that all classes are subject to varying levels of approval by state, so check our state approvals list and other resources for guidance. And later that night, remember to come let loose a bit at the Thirsty Thursday celebration being held in our vendor halls. Friday is structured in much the same manner, except with the evening’s entertainment being the Let’s Reunite- Alumni, Friends & LIFEForce Libations and Fun Casino Night.

Saturday is a bit different.. The first half of the day is reserved for the Plenary Session, Resilience for LIFE, in the Main Gym, which is led by Life University President Dr. Rob Scott) with guest presenters Dr. Tony Ebel, Dr. Michael Longyear, Dr. Shawn Caldwell, Dr. Mark Kovacs, Dr. Chris Colloca and Dr. Stephanie Sullivan.

The Lasting Purpose Luncheon will follow. This is a ticket-required event honoring those that have made a difference for the University and beyond in the past year through being a member of the President’s Circle.

During the afternoon, 13 additional class options will be offered, followed at 5:30 p.m. by the Life University Athletic Festival featuring a riveting Rugby match, a beer garden, food trucks, fireworks and more, all happening at Lupo Family Field.  This will be a perfect time for guests to visit the new Running Eagles Performance Center. The 4th Annual Black Alumni Reception will also be held in Socrates Café during this time.

Sunday closes out with another opportunity to meet GA/FL requirements, as well as Risk Management. It’s truly quite amazing to bring all these talented doctors together at Life U to learn and grow in the profession!



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