What is LIFEforce?

LIFEforce is a tribe of chiropractic advocates that are committed to making an impact with Life University (Life U) spreading principled Chiropractic, Vitalism and Lasting Purpose around the world. Student LIFEforce (SLF) is an extension of LIFEforce, involving Life U students who are passionate about Chiropractic and feel called to support Life University by sending students to Life U and shifting the healthcare paradigm in the world. These doctors and student leaders on and off Life U’s campus truly embody Lasting Purpose while giving, doing, loving and serving in all aspects of their lives.

Student LIFEforce serves in many voluntary capacities including Chiropractic Assembly, community outreach, connecting with other clubs and organizations on and off campus, hosting SPIZZ night, and many other leadership and personal growth opportunities. They connect with our LIFEforce Tribe Members to build meaningful relationships and spread the chiropractic message to others in their communities. These SLF leaders are committed to growth, developing their leadership and chiropractic skills, and upon graduation, transitioning to LIFEforce Tribe Members. However, LIFEforce is for everyone, which includes all of our Alumni and Friends ­– anyone who is an advocate of Chiropractic. Our mission statement is simple: We will not stop until everyone on the planet has access to chiropractic care and a chiropractic education if they so choose.

Why We Come Together.

At Life U, we cherish the opportunity to come together quarterly, not only to share our love for Chiropractic, but also to inspire and guide prospective students toward discovering their own purpose and “why.” As Magi Rodgers, Executive Director of Alumni and Friends eloquently puts it, “These weekends are special because we come together to celebrate and embrace our tribe during LIFE Leadership (LLW)/LIFEforce Weekend (LFW). It’s a time when our passion for Life University, Chiropractic, health and happiness intertwines together, forging connections and friendships that last a lifetime. The energy that permeates the campus during LLW/LFW is palpable, as like-minded individuals gather to dive into chiropractic philosophy while learning, growing and pushing the profession forward.”

What is LLW/LFW?

LLW/LFW is more than just a quarterly event; it’s a testament to the strength of our community. It’s a time when students, alumni, faculty and prospective students converge, united by a shared passion for Vitalism and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

For prospective students, LLW/LFW isn’t just about education; it’s about fostering connections and building relationships that extend far beyond the weekend itself. LLW/LFW offers a glimpse into the transformative journey that awaits them at Life U.  Through engaging workshops, sessions and hands-on experiences, attendees gain insight into our chiropractic philosophy and the profound impact it can have on both individual well-being and global health. Moreover, they have the opportunity to connect with current students and alumni and friends who serve as living embodiments of the Life U experience.

Indeed, Life U is so much more than an academic institution; it’s a tight-knit community that supports, inspires and empowers each other to reach their fullest potential. The University is committed to empowering a world centered on vitalistic thoughts, behaviors and actions.

As we unite this weekend to celebrate Life U and our LIFEforce tribe, let us reaffirm our commitment to Lasting Purpose and celebrate Life University’s 50-Year Anniversary.

Click LLW/LFW to sign up and for more information.  To contact the LIFEforce office, please emailLIFEforce@life.edu.