B.S in Exercise Science graduate, D.C student, UG Orientation Leader

“Learning every nook and cranny of the body”

As an only child from a Chicago suburb, Luis Perez was no stranger to the world of sports and, therefore, injuries and chiropractic care. He pulled a hamstring running track and field. He first visited a physical therapist but did not find much relief in that route, so his mom suggested a chiropractor.

The chiropractor asked him about his college experience and future plans, and Perez was leaning toward physical therapy as a career path.

“‘Nothing wrong with physical therapy,’ he said, ‘but why have your business model be waiting for people to get injured when it could be helping people to prevent themselves from injuring themselves?’” Perez explained of his chiropractor’s remarks.

Perez had the seed of Chiropractic planted in the soil, only needing a little encouragement for that bright idea to grow. Perez decided to work at a large chiropractic office to learn more and found that seven of the eight doctors working there came from Life University (Life U). They all encouraged him to visit the campus, so the next step was attending LIFE Leadership Weekend  (LLW) and then the decision to come to Life U to study Chiropractic.

“Literally right then and there I said ‘Alright, this is where I want to be,” said Perez.

Perez is a graduate of Life U with a B.S in Exercise Science, now a few quarters into the D.C program. As a D.C student in the early quarters of his program, Perez is enjoying finding out all about the vitalistic approach that Life U teaches, “learning all the muscles, bones and nerves.”

“I never thought learning every nook and cranny of the body would be so intriguing to me, but it turns out it is,” explained Perez.

In his time here, Perez has made his mark, helping a friend to start a Life U Baseball team a few quarters ago. He also welcomes new students to Life U as an Undergraduate Orientation Leader. It’s a common thread, but Perez echoes fellow students in his assessment that Life U is a friendly campus with a family atmosphere.

Perez recalls from connecting at his orientation with Kendall Gross, a former Life U staff member in charge of Campus Activities. Gross seemed to see great promise in Perez from early on and highly encouraged him to become an Orientation Leader once he started school.

“I really had no choice in the matter,” Perez joked.

In his first quarter, he focused on studying and getting in the groove of things with a solid GPA, but by second quarter he became an Orientation Leader and a member of the Campus Activities Board (CAB). As an Orientation Leader, he enjoys “getting to meet everyone for the first time.”

His advice to new students is wise, encouraging them to “make sure they take time for themselves, to include some fun in your time here.”

He went on to say that due to the rigorous nature of the program, he has seen people get stressed and overwhelmed, but it is worth it if students remember to find that balance.



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