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Faces of LIFE

Alison Ivey

“When I talk to new students coming in, I say you just won’t believe the vibe that we have on campus. It is so good and positive and uplifting, and I am trying to contribute to that vibe.” Ivey said. “We are a part of something really good on this campus that I hope we don’t take for granted. It is a really good place to be.”

April 2020, Press Releases


Marietta, Georgia, April 8, 2020 – Today’s Chiropractic Leadership (TCL), a thought-leadership vehicle of Life University, has today released a conversation involving Heidi Haavik, D.C, Ph.D., Director of Research, Centre for Chiropractic Research at the New Zealand Chiropractic College; Dan Murphy, D.C., DABCO, a faculty member at Life Chiropractic College West; and James Chestnut, B.Ed., M.S., D.C., founder and president of The Wellness Practice, which outlines their thoughts on chiropractic care in the era of the COVID-19 health pandemic.

Faces of LIFE

Sam Clark

“A typical day is always busy. We don’t go nine to five, we often work 12 to 16-hour days. We’ve got to love our families and spouses and kids for understanding that,” said Sam Clark, Head Coach for Women’s Soccer at Life University, describing her average day at work. “But there is no typical day, and I think that is one of the most intriguing and most wonderful things about athletics – it’s always a new challenge.”

Faces of LIFE

Danielle Holtman

Working in a vitalistic health institution, we wanted to capture work-life balance, living congruently with our mission and vision and teaching staff what that looks like. Jenifer Valtos and Holtman started researching what other corporate wellness programs looked like and what actually worked and what didn’t. They figured out incentive-based, community-centered wellness was key. It was a collaboration between Valtos and Holtman on the research end of it, and the Staff Council Executive Board helped create it. The inaugural VitalU started in Fall Quarter 2019. “It’s only on its second quarter, and it feels like it’s already been changing the campus. People are having more conversations about health and what’s happening in their actual lives.”


CCISE Article Featured in Blue Dot Magazine

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) has released their 11th edition of their Blue Dot magazine, which features an article co-authored by Associate Director for the Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics (CCISE) and Associate Professor at Life…