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Faces of LIFE

Elisa Velez

“A recruiter from Life University came to my school, Florida Atlantic University, and offered those who were interested a trip to Atlanta for a LIFE Leadership Weekend. I’ve always loved traveling, and since I’d never been to Atlanta, I took him up on his offer and came for a visit. But once I got here and experienced LIFE for myself, I realized that it was everything that I had been searching for!”

Faces of LIFE

Dr. Kevin Kinney

“Something really cool about Chiropractic is that you can personalize it however you want,” says Life University alumnus Dr. Kevin Kinney. After graduating in 2017, Kinney started a somewhat nontraditional practice since he knew that he did not want to “do the regular office thing.” With a background in the entertainment industry, he wanted to continue to work with artists and entertainers in some fashion, and he also knew that he did not want a brick and mortar office where he would feel tied down.

Faces of LIFE

Asma Alhindi

Asma Alhindi, graduate student in clinical nutrition pursuing her master’s degree, is originally from Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. After obtaining an undergraduate in art and design, similar to a home economics degree in the U.S., from Taibi University in Saudi Arabia, Alhindi was ready to pursue a master’s degree in a more challenging subject. She says that her degree consisted of “a little bit of a lot of things,” such as nutrition, art, design, homemaking and psychology.

Faces of LIFE

Dr. Jamie Foster

“I’ve come to realize, thanks in part to Life University, that Chiropractic is so much more than a profession for me. It’s an entire way of living that encompass all of my passions,” says Foster. “I am now not just living, but creating ripples of change in the universe that resonate on a grand scale.”

Faces of LIFE

Demaris Hunger

Demaris Hunger’s choice to study Dietetics at Life University was a winding road, both culturally and academically. “I speak Spanish, German and English, and I was raised in so many different cultural environments that I identify with a lot of them, and that allows me to reach out to more people.”

Faces of LIFE

Erik Doherty

Doherty enrolled at LIFE because it felt like a no brainer. “My mother was holistic, and I was always around Chiropractic growing up,” Doherty said. “When something went wrong, we would get adjusted, eat some good food, rest and trust that the body functions to fix itself.”

Faces of LIFE

Ben Bayless

During his exploration into preventive health care, Bayless was searching for anything and everything. “I was a fitness trainer for a few years because I believe a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating well can prevent chronic disease. After a while I wanted to take it a step further and began looking for what came next.”

October Press Releases, Press Releases


Marietta, Georgia, October 15, 2019 – Two premier events will be held simultaneously this weekend at Life University, the not-so-little University that is changing the world.

More than one hundred prospective Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) students will gather for LIFE Leadership Weekend from Thursday, October 17 to Saturday, October 19 on the University’s campus in Marietta, Georgia, just northeast of Atlanta.