Shani Tyson – B.B.A Business Administration

What made your first quarter at Life U so memorable?

Everything was new. I’m originally from California, so coming all the way to Georgia, I was able to see a lot more green than before in my hometown. Just getting familiar with the area, it was pretty adventurous just to get to explore everything in Marietta and what Life U had to offer.

What surprised you during your first quarter at Life U?

I got lost a lot while on the campus. Even though it’s a smaller school, I was still getting used to everything. It’s a pretty campus, so at least I was getting lost on a nice campus. I was surprised with how I was able to adjust to everything pretty well, coming from the semester system into the quarters.

I got a lot of help from professors and the intimate class setting too. I was surprised with how I was able to adapt to everything that was new.

What advice would you give your younger self coming into Life U?

I would say, for my younger self, to be involved in campus activities and just what is going on with the school. In my first year on the sports team, as part of the Wrestling team, I stayed with the team for most of it. But there are so many resources and opportunities that different departments and the school offers that I would tell my younger self to use those opportunities and not be afraid to try something new just because I hadn’t experienced it before.

How would you describe your first quarter in three words?

New, Adventurous and Unique.


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