Faces of LIFE- Rina Rice
D.C. student
“Self-Healing and Learning to Promote Healing”

Native to Bessemer, Alabama, Rina Rice is a returning student forging a new career path for herself in the D.C. program. She is the proud mom of three children and currently has two grandkids. Her undergraduate program was in Sociology and Psychology, and she worked as a counselor for at-risk youth and family intervention for about 12 years.

Later, Rice became involved with corporate real estate and right-of-way proceedings, which refers to instances in which private property may need to be accessed by outside individuals for various purposes. Rice also served on the city council in Bessemer and was elected in 2010.

Seeking a change after two of her three children had grown, Rice decided to see about becoming a chiropractor after a period of reflection. At that time in her life, Rice had been experiencing high stress and started to investigate the ways that the body can heal itself.

“I began to seek out how does that happen, how does the body do this [self-healing],” said Rice.

Rice learned more about Chakras, energy points thought to run along your spine that yoga and meditation practices place emphasis on. She also became a master of Reiki, an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. After practicing Reiki for a time, Rice found compelling parallels to chiropractic philosophy and decided to attend LIFE Leadership Weekend (LLW) to explore this more.

She listened to Dr. Michael Rivers, Life U alumnus and current chiropractor at Carolina Wellness & Rehab, give a talk about his career success and his time at Life U. After further discussion with him about the culture at Life U, Rice felt led to enroll in the Life U D.C. program.

“The [LLW] was truly an introduction for what life at Life U would be like. I can say [my time at Life U] has been a journey. It has taught me things about myself that I didn’t know, good and bad […] I had been out of school for 26 years, so coming back to school and the environment of learning, it had its challenges,” said Rice.

Rice has enjoyed her “morning meditations” next to the water features that are a mainstay of Lyceum Park, a comfort to her while she has lived at Life’s Village Retreat. She has also found NeuroLIFE Institute to be a helpful resource.

“I’m around like-minded, weird people. And I use weird in a good way,” clarified Rice.

Now Rice’s youngest daughter has expressed interest in Chiropractic as well, so Rice is excited to see what the future holds for herself, and her family related to Chiropractic.



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