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Nick Shelby
“Say Yes to Everything”
Student: Doctor of Chiropractic
July 2020

For Nick Shelby, becoming a chiropractor is a family affair. Shelby’s father and uncle both graduated from Life University. Regardless of that history, Shelby made the decision to pursue the profession on his own.

“I was just able to watch my dad go to work every single day,” Shelby recalled. “He loved what he did. He always came home with a smile on his face. He never had one bad thing to say about what he did, and whenever I was in the office, his patients always had nothing but great things to say. I really appreciated that because I was able to come to LIFE, and […] it was my decision, and I was really able to make it my own experience because of that. But I definitely found Lasting Purpose here through being able to serve in different capacities, whether it be Student Ambassadors, AMPED Club and just being involved on campus. It’s hard not to, if you plug in and do all the right things, it’s hard not to find it.”

The philosophy he’s learned at LIFE is one of the biggest things Shelby will take away from his time on campus.

“The best thing about LIFE in general – the classes, the studying, the schoolwork, everything like that – really just comes down to the philosophy, and that’s going to be the one biggest thing that really separates everything,” he said. “Just the fact that that philosophy is woven through the curriculum and it’s woven through our schoolwork, we really get to hit hard on that, regardless of whether it’s the chiropractic program or the nutrition program, or any of the other programs. The fact that we get to study Vitalism is super cool.”

His advice to other students? Get involved.

“Say yes to everything, especially at the beginning,” Shelby said. “You’re going to have opportunities to go to all sorts of seminars, all sorts of clubs. Say yes to everything until you literally can’t say yes anymore. Obviously find a balance; don’t drive yourself crazy doing it but get a taste of everything that […], one, LIFE has to offer but, two, Chiropractic has to offer. Give yourself the freedom to spend your time doing other things besides studying, and to say yes to everything.”

After graduation, the Ohio native and his wife plan to relocate to Indianapolis and open their own practice.

“It’s been really fun to go through that process of talking to banks, looking at spaces, everything that goes into opening a practice. It’s been a ton of fun – it’s been a ton of work, but we’ve been preparing for it for a long time, so we’re excited for it.”






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