D.C. student

“Movement is life”

Stephanie Fischer grew up in South Florida in a Hispanic household, living with her mother and her brother. She considers herself to be very family-oriented and keeps up with her family as much as she can. For her undergraduate degree, Fischer achieved a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University in Boca Raton, Florida. Coincidentally, one of her favorite professors attended Life University (Life U) and “planted the seed” for Fischer over time that she should consider furthering her education at Life U as a chiropractic student.

Since making the decision to move to Georgia and to enroll in the D.C. program, Fischer has thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the curriculum and “learning techniques, how to help future patients and learning how to become a doctor and a chiropractor.”

On campus, Fischer has become a regular member and attender of the Gonstead Club. The Gonstead Club at Life U is a technique club that teaches a method to analyze and adjust the spine with specificity and certainty, centered on the recognized methods developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, a world-renowned chiropractor considered to be a founder of modern chiropractic care. Fischer underwent the Gonstead Club’s Candidate training in Summer Quarter 2022 to prepare for the club’s rigorous exam in Fall Quarter 2022, her seventh quarter. This effort is in the hopes of becoming a Gonstead Club officer. She is also part of the MLS (Mastery, Love, Service) Club, a non-profit chiropractic club centered around creating educational opportunities that expand beyond the classroom. Fischer hopes to at some point have the chance to take on a facilitator role there as well.

In her free time, Fischer promotes healthy fun in a unique way as a Group Fitness and Zumba Instructor, currently for L.A. Fitness, but she has been a dance instructor for many years in different places.

“It’s my stress relief. I get to be free when I teach. I’m a big dork while teaching, so it allows me to express that even more,” explained Fischer.

When asked if she thought if there is any intersection between Chiropractic and dance, Fischer noted that it is “movement of the spine itself and the body.”

“Movement is life. Without movement, you’re dead,” Fischer joked. “Even if you do a little bit, just dancing in the corner or up front like me, you’re moving around, and that’s what’s important.”



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