What has been your most memorable quarter at Life U?

My most memorable quarter has been 4th quarter. I had a deeper and different perspective about the concepts that we were learning in our classes. Also, I knew the people in my quarter so much better. This led to a better experience overall because everyone in my quarter just wanted to be helpful, and they are all very friendly. Lastly, I had a better understanding of what lens I wanted to approach chiropractic with. That gave me the ability to dive deeper into the things that have led me down this path. This is the quarter I gained direction.

What led you to be interested in studying at Life U?

After I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I was not set on going into the psychology field. I knew that I wanted to help people but was unsure on how I would achieve that. I found myself working for a chiropractor and I knew nothing about Chiropractic. Throughout my time there, I felt a calling that this was the profession for me. My chiropractor encouraged me to go to Life U, so I did. What is hilarious is that I never checked out the campus before coming. I applied, and my first time seeing the area and campus was orientation weekend before classes started.

Tell us about your experiences with clubs, sports and professional organizations related to your time at Life U.

Throughout my time here, I have gotten the ability to be a part of many different clubs. In my first quarter, I made sure to jam pack my schedule with as many clubs that I thought were interesting. Every quarter I would add or take away clubs that I felt did not serve my vision for what I wanted to do. I continued doing this until fourth quarter, which is when I found the approach I wanted to use. Also, I knew that I wanted to be part of a professional organization that helped with communication and gave back to Life University. That is why I decided to apply to Student Ambassadors. I was gratefully accepted into the organization and have never looked back on that decision. I truly love working with prospective students and showing them the University through my eyes.

What advice would you give to a new or prospective Life U student?

My advice for new students would be to dive deep. What I mean by that is to expose yourself to everything you can handle to figure out what you want. Do all the clubs and organizations that you feel interested in. This will give you certainty that when you pick a lens for which you want to look at Chiropractic through, you will be unshaken in your reasoning. For prospective students, this school offers over 60 different clubs that you can be a part of, and the community here is loving and accepting of all the quirkiness you may bring. Also, the area is beautiful, and there are many outdoor adventures to be had.

What are some of your post-graduation plans?

After graduation, my spouse and I plan to move to Austin, Texas. I plan on opening my own practice. I also want to create a non-profit organization that focuses on missions. I have a burning passion to share Chiropractic with the world, and this is how I plan on doing that.