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My First Quarter: Sarai Camacho

My advice for new students would be to dive deep. What I mean by that is to expose yourself to everything you can handle to figure out what you want. Do all the clubs and organizations that you feel interested in. This will give you certainty that when you pick a lens for which you want to look at Chiropractic through, you will be unshaken in your reasoning.

Lola Rodriguez
Faces of LIFE

Lola Rodriguez

Lola Rodriguez, from Jayuya, Puerto Rico, is a Bilingual Academic Support Professional in the Student Success Center. Not long ago, a new division called Global Voices was created under the umbrella of Academic Support, and that is specifically where Lola works. She adds, “I work with undergraduate and graduate students and provide helpful resources to LIFE’s international students. We help with a little bit of everything because our students are certainly not alike and do not have the same needs.”