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Healthy Holiday Eating

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and enjoy delicious home-cooked delights with family and friends but be careful not to overdo it. Believe it or not, it is possible to have a perfectly lovely Thanksgiving dinner without feeling like a stuffed turkey yourself at the end. Check out this helpful guide to avoid over-indulging before the dinner bell rings.

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Simple Ways to Avoid Food Waste

So much of daily life is centered around food. Buying food at the grocery store, going out to eat, preparing food and sometimes throwing food away that has gone bad before it had a chance to be eaten. Food waste is a major problem that tends to sneak under the radar of our consciousness, but it has negative implications for not only our wallets, but also the environment.

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Escape the Vape- The Harmful Effects of E-Cigarettes

Vaping is a pervasive culture phenomenon, a harmful habit shrouding users in white vapor that may lull them into a sense of security. Manipulative advertising and trendy flavors have especially made vaping popular among teens and young adults, but the health risks cannot be ignored.

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Possible Career Paths for Business-Related Majors at Life U

Career exploration is an important part of personal and professional growth. For students who are enrolled in business-related majors here at Life University (Life U), here is a helpful starter guide to get you thinking about possible career paths. For more assistance with career exploration, please contact Life U Career Services.

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At-Home Beginner Workouts for Study Breaks

Life University students are no strangers to hitting the books, especially with finals on the horizon. That said, a healthy body equals a healthy mind, so it is important to get the body moving periodically in order to perform at your best. It’s necessary to have some quick exercises that you can do at home to feel more energized and healthier while studying or anytime you need a boost. Look at some beginner workout moves you can use when you need to move.

Slice Halloween 2022
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Avoid a Fright with Halloween Safety Tips

What’s not to love about Halloween? Crazy costumes, fun food and parties galore! It’s a great time to let loose and forget about the real world for a while, but like most major holidays, Halloween also poses an array of safety concerns to consider.

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Student Loan Forgiveness and You

In August 2022, President Joe Biden officially announced federal plans for a historic student loan forgiveness program. The plan outlines forgiveness of $10,000 in federal student loan debt for borrowers earning less than $125,000 ($250,000 combined for married couples) and up to $20,000 dollars forgiven…